Friday, January 01, 2021

I Hate The Beatles Vol 1 (LP)


First Post of 2021 

A nineteen-song compilation of some of the weirder and more off-the-wall Beatle covers waxed between 1964 and 1970, from all over the world (including such far-flung locales as Finland, Spain, Mexico, and Yugoslavia); most are really, really rare. The title, and the snide, even nasty liner notes, lead you to believe that the criteria for inclusion were ineptitude and sheer awfulness. But although some of this is inept, it's actually not as so-bad-it's-good or strange as some would anticipate. There are some unbelievable butcherings, like the horrible off-key woman calling herself "Die Beat Oma" who does the 1965 German single, "Ich Bin Die Beat Oma," loosely based on "A Hard Day's Night," or the Ladmo Trio, who purposely destroy "Michelle." There are also some Beatle novelties that are not actual Beatle covers, like the Exterminators' "The Beatle-Bomb" and Hans Uwe Schneider und die Beatelchen's "Baby Beatle Song." On the other hand, the Yugoslavian Bjole Strijele's cover of "Love Me Do," as well as the versions of "Paperback Writer" by Grupo 15 and "The Night Before" by the Shaggs (not the famous girl Shaggs of Philosophy of the World fame, but a different group altogether), are relatively straight -- not brilliant, certainly, but not too odd or excruciating. Then you get things like Lord Sitar doing "I Am the Walrus," the Mighty Fire Steelband doing "A Hard Day's Night," Emi Bonilla's flamenco version of "She Loves You," and the Copperplated Integrated Circuit's switched-on-Bach cover of "Revolution" that are more like the items which show up on Rhino novelty anthologies. It's a diverse selection of obscure Beatles covers, to be sure, and the annotation, which relentlessly savages both the tracks on the comp and the Beatles themselves, is ironic considering that Beatlemaniacs comprise a hefty percentage of the people who'll end up buying this LP.


A1 –The Exterminators The Beetle-Bomb

A2 –Bijele Strijele Voli Me

A3 –Die Beat Oma Ich Bin Die Beat Oma

A4 –Simo Ja Spede Keltainen Jaansarkija

A5 –Los Yaki Cumpleanos

A6 –The Copperplated Integrated Circuit* Revolution

A7 –Hans Uwe Schneider Und Die Beatelchen Baby Beatle Song

A8 –Grupo 15 Un Novelista

A9 –Lord Sitar I Am The Walrus

B1 –The Ladmo Trio Michelle

B2 –The Mighty Fire Steelband* A Hard Day's Night

B3 –Los Jovenes (2) Ella Ta Quiere

B4 –Mae West & The Somebody's Children* Daytripper

B5 –The Shaggs (4) The Night Before

B6 –Alan Lorber Orchestra* Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

B7 –Sweet Feeling* The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill

B8 –Emi Bonilla Y Su Cuadro Flamenco Era Te Quiere

B9 –The D-Drifters Five* I Feel Fine

B10 –The London Philharmonic Orchestra A Hard Day's Night




  1. Re The Ladmo Trio:

  2. Hi!

    Thanx for this one. Yes, almost anyone thought they could "cover" The Beatles... some were good & others.... why?!

    Ciao! For now.


  4. As a child I loved to play Zappa's "Weasels ripped my flesh" from my parent´s collection. My poor Mother tried to turn me into beatles to help me fit in a more "adequate" environment for a child.
    I'm 52 and still not fitting.
    Thanks for this songs and a good year for you.


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