Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Wailers - Wailers Everywhere (1965)


For their first LP recorded after the onset of the British Invasion, the Wailers wrote most of the material themselves. It was a change from previous Wailers efforts, as the sound usually reflected the influences of the Beatles and other early British Invasion stars like the Dave Clark Five, as well as some of the harmony rock of the Beach Boys and the Four Seasons. This was a farsighted strategy as far as career survival went, but fell down on its shortage of good original songs. For the most part it had tepid British Invasion-like harmony rockers, sounding very much like strained attempts to adapt their R&B-frat rock sound 
01 - You Better Believe It
02 - Do You Wanna Dance
03 - The Wailer
04 - Tomorrow's Another Day
05 - Just A Little Bit Louder
06 - Hold Back The Dawn
07 - Tears
08 - Since You Been Gone
09 - How Do You Feel
10 - I Think Of You
11 - Don't Take It So Hard
12 - Ya Ya

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