Sunday, January 03, 2021

VA Twistin The Night Away (2XCD Set)



1-1 –Hank Ballard & The Midnighters Hank Ballard & The Midnighters The Twist 2:37 Twistin' The Night Away [Disc 1] Rock

1-2 –Sam Cooke Twistin' The Night Away

1-3 –Joey Dee & The Starliters Peppermint Twist (Pt 1)

1-4 –Joey Dee & The Starliters Peppermint Twist (Pt 2)

1-5 –Chubby Checker The Twist

1-6 –Chubby Checker Let's Twist Again

1-7 –Gary U.S. Bonds Dear Lady Twist

1-8 –D'Topnotes Twist And Shout

1-9 –Bill Haley And His Comets Spanish Twist

1-10 –Johnnie Morisette Meet Me At The Twistin' Place

1-11 –Chubby Checker Slow Twistin'

1-12 –Gary U.S. Bonds Twist Twist Señora

1-13 –King Curtis And The Noble Knights Soul Twist

1-14 –Fabian (6) A Kissin' And A Twistin'

1-15 –Joey Dee & The Starliters Hey Let's Twist

1-16 –Jimmy Soul Twistin' Matilda (And The Channel)

1-17 –Clay Cole Twist Around The Clock

1-18 –The Marcels Twistin' Fever

1-19 –Bill Black's Combo Twist Her

1-20 –The Isley Brothers Twist And Shout

1-21 –The Dovells Bristol Twistin' Annie

1-22 –King Curtis And The Noble Knights Wobble Twist

1-23 –The Marvelettes Twistin' Postman

1-24 –Wild Jimmy Spruill Scratch 'N' Twist

1-25 –Hank Ballard It's Twistin' Time

2-1 –Chubby Checker Teach Me To Twist

2-2 –Hank Ballard Good Twistin' Tonight

2-3 –The Marcels Merry Twistmas

2-4 –The Twistin' Kings Xmas Twist

2-5 –The Twistin' Kings Whitehouse Twist

2-6 –Jimmy Clanton Twist On Little Girl

2-7 –Danny & The Juniors Twistin' USA

2-8 –The Isley Brothers Twistin' With Linda

2-9 –Danny Peppermint & The Jumping Jacks Peppermint Twist

2-10 –Freddy Cannon Twistin' All Night Long

2-11 –Machito Twist Chango

2-12 –Frank Sinatra Everybody's Twistin'

2-13 –Count Basie Orchestra Basie Twist

2-14 –Bo Diddley The Twister

2-15 –Muddy Waters Muddy Waters Twist

2-16 –Tommy Ridgley Jam Up Twist

2-17 –Blazer Boy New Orleans Twist

2-18 –Robert Parker Twistin' Out In Space

2-19 –King Curtis And The Noble Knights Twisting Time

2-20 –The Unique Echos The Italian Twist

2-21 –Billy Huhn Twist And Freeze

2-22 –Danny & The Juniors Medley

2-23 –The Olympics The Twist

2-24 –The Chipmunks The Alvin Twist

2-25 –Joey Dee & The Starliters Joey Dee Teaches You How To Do The Peppermlnt Twist


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  1. Hell Gazz, Jasmine Records CDs are all great!! Thanks for these one!!! Can you please give a link for yiour Sampler of Golden Age Music of 1960.There is no link on the side!! Thanks for your help!! Greetings and a happy new year.Tom

  2. Thanks a lot!!
    PS : I wait the old discographie of Edmundo Ros (50's & 60's Lp's)


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