Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beefeaters – Beefeaters & Meet You There (1967-69) Denmark

Denmark, whilst not well known for its rock/blues groups, actually did have a number of really good bands. Alongside Midnight Sun, Gasolin', Ache, Culpeper's Orchid, Burnin' Red Ivanhoe and others, Beefeaters were one of their country's best outfits. They first started out as an early sixties beat outfit, later changing to a more bluesy/soul/psych style in 1966. Their initial line-up included Lars Kofoed and Jimmy Sardorff on guitars, Niels Mortensen on drums, Soren Seirup on bass and vocals, and Kurt Parking on on rhythm guitar. They were quite successful and were popular in the clubs, but they disbanded in 1964. Seirup and Sardoff reformed the band in 1965 with new members Erling Madsen on drums and Morten Kjaerumgard on organ Keith Volkersen on bass and Max Nhuthzhi on drums, and they released their debut album in 1966 and toured with outfits like The Kinks and the Pretty Things to support it. In November 1968, they supported bluesman Alexis Korner on a Danish tour and he contributed guitar on two tracks on their new album (our featured album). Thorup later left the band, teaming up with Korner in England to form New Church, C.C.S. and Snape. The Beefeater's albums are quite rare but now that they've been released on CD, it gives listeners outside of their home country the opportunity of finally hearing the magic of this great blues/rock outfit.
Beefeaters - 1967
1. It Ain't Necessarily So
2. Crossroads
3. My Babe
4. I Want You
5. Hey Little Girl
6. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
7. Let Me Down Easy
8. Shakin' Fingerpop
9. Night Flight
10. Summer Scene

Meet You There - 1969
11. I'll Meet You There
12. You Changed My Way Of Living
13. Night Train
14. Now I Know
15. Serenade To A Cuckoo
16. Stormy Monday
Two albums by this great Danish band. The first from 1967, is cool blues/garage/beat rock whilst the second is a psychedelic blues gem from 1969. Blues giant Alexis Korner appears on two of this album's six tracks and the whole package comes complete with original artwork and band history/discography. An underrated act that supported Hendrix & the Pink Floyd! (freakemporium)

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