Friday, June 05, 2009

V.A. - The Best Of The Beat Groups Of Sofia (1969) Bulgaria



It seems that there were not many beat groups in Sofia around in 1969. This compilation collects only the songs of "Sreburnite Grivni" and "Shtoursite" plus one song from a band called "Glassovete". The style of the two main bands ranges from beat/psychedelic/freakbeat and some bulgarian folk influences. Pretty strange stuff but some songs could find easily their way on a "Worldbeaters" compilation. The climax is the cool freakbeat number "Song For The Crickets" by "Shtoursite".

1. Sreburnite Grivni - Proxima 2. Glasovete - You, Serene Moon 3. Sreburnite Grivni - Venus 4. Sreburnite Grivni - The Blessed Frantic Youth 5. Sreburnite Grivni - Give Me, Vusse, Your Little Hand 6. Sreburnite Grivni - Zarezan 7. Shtoursite - And A Star 8. Sreburnite Grivni - The Boy, Who... 9. Shtoursite - NSU 10. Shtoursite - Picture Book 11. Shtoursite - The Two Little Beat Boys 12. Shtoursite - Song Of The Crickets


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