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Bittervetch — Masters & Demos (1964-1968)


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BITTERVETCH (formerly known as The Chandells)
Craig Carlson – Rhythm Guitar
Rob Hegel – Vocals / Keyboards
Dale Graham – Vocals
Geoff Hearsum – Bass
Mike Reed – Drums
Tim Daum – Lead Guitar


At about the same time as Centerville, Ohio rock group Ivan and the Sabres was enjoying their first taste of success with the release of their popular regional song “Just Let Her Go”, the Chandells – another local band from Centerville – was forming. Although they were together for approximately two short years, the Chandells would indisputably become the top combo in the Dayton area. In addition to being named the # 1 band (out of about 800 total) in Southern Ohio, they recorded ten fantastic demos that remained unreleased but that showed the true promise the group had. After a name change to Bittervetch and the release of an irresistible single that would represent their sole vinyl output, the band’s run at the big time would be cut short. While Ivan Browne would leave the Sabres to replace Tony Brazis in Tony & The Bandits – and therefore find greater success after a name change to the Lemon Pipers (of “Green Tambourine” fame) — the members of Bittervetch instead headed for college and, with the exception of Hegel, life plans that unfortunately did not include rock and rol


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1. I Wanna Love You 
2. Since You're Gone 
3. I Don't Care 
4. I've Told You 
5. I Will Follow You 
6. I Don't Know 
7. Laughing at You 
8. Why? 
9. Who Are You? 
10. Keep Surfin' 
11. Without You 
12. Let You Be 
13. I'm in Love With You 
14. A Girl Like You 
15. A Girl Like You [45 Version] 
16. Bigger Fool [45 Version] 
17. I Don't Care [45 Version] 
18. When You Wake Up in the Morning [45] 
19. When You Wake Up in the Morning 
20. I Really Like You


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