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PATTO - 4 albums

(Artwork and Tracks lists included )
Starting with TIMEBOX, a '60's outfit that developed from a complicaded ancestry that included The Bow Street runners, Patto's people, and the Chicago Blue Line, this splendid soul/psych-pop combo made two singles for Pye's Piccadilly, before signing to Decca's Deram label in 1967. They recorded five singles for Deram between '67 and '69 and appeared on BBC shows such as Noise at Nine, Stuart Henry on Sunday and Jimmy Young. None of the singles troubled the compilers of the Hit Parade, despite the excellent musicianship that allowed them to encompass several genres of music in their output. After their last single failed in '69, they decided that their future lay in the burgeoning "progressive" movement, which in itself was born of the freedom from instant commersialism that the better musicians of the psychedelic flowering had forged. And the group PATTO was born.
Three albums and out, Patto (named after vocalist Mike Patto) were highly regarded on the British rock scene in the '70s. The key point of the band was probably the superb guitar work of the eminently flexible Ollie Halsall, a performer whose session work was highly prized, even though the guitarist seemed hesitant to step into the spotlight. Patto performed a stately mix of jazz-rock with a little bit of blues. Following the breakup of the band, Halsall moved on to play with Tempest while Patto joined Spooky Tooth for Mirror. Patto and Halsall came back together in Boxer in 1975, though Halsall remained for only a single album, with Patto remaining the sole founding member by the following album.
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