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Hep Stars - Basta (1970) Sweden


The Hep Stars was a Swedish pop group, formed in 1963. The group were among the most successful of 1960s Swedish pop groups. The band included keyboardist Benny Andersson, who went on to become a member of ABBA. The other members of the group included Svenne Hedlund on lead vocals, Janne Frisk on guitar, Christer Pettersson (died 2006) on drums and Lelle Hegland on bass. Svenne Hedlund and Benny Andersson left the group in 1969.
Hep Stars  with    Andersson ...
THe Hep Stars were Sweden's biggest selling rock act in the 60's, even outselling The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The name "Hep Stars" means "Stars in the know". 
They were formed in 1963 by Lennart "Lelle" Hegland and Christer "Krille" Petterson. The two met while serving together in the Swedish Air Force. At first their group played the supper clubs, but soon rock took over. Jan "Janne" Frisk joined the group, and they soon aquired an organist, Hans "Hasse" Цstlund. At first Jan was the lead singer, but they soon realised they wanted a seperate vocalist, so Sven "Svenne" Hedlund joind the group. They recorded one single which bombed, "Kana Kapila." 
They were unsatisfied with Hans Цstlund's playing and soon were seeking a replacement. A friend of Svenne's named Gцran "Benny" Andersson called him up one day. Benny's band needed to get it's equipment to a gig and asked to borrow Svenne's van. Svenne drove them to the club and stayed to hear his friend. The band was terrible, but Benny's playing was excellent, indeed he had been talented on the keyboards ever since the age of 6, when an accordian was first placed in his chubby hands. Svenne asked Benny to join the Hep Stars, and Benny agreed. From the very first recording session with Benny the hits came.

1. Cadillac
2. Farmer John
3. Bald Headed Woman
4. No Response
5. A Tribute To Buddy Holly
6. So Mystifying
7. Should I
8. Sunny Girl
9. Wedding
10. Consolation
11. No Time
12. Speedy Gonzales
13. Malaika
14. She Will Love You
15. Let It Be Me
16. Save Your Heart For Me
17. Mot Okant Land
18. Inatt Jag Dromde 

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