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The British North American Act - In The Beginning... (1968)


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Reissue of one and only album by Canadian 60's legends. Psychedelic flowery pop-syk with good FUZZ guitars and Farfisa organ. Excellent songs and vocal harmonies.
The British North American Act were a 1960's psychedelic band based out of Montreal, Quebec. The group featured five members from various areas of the world -- Hungary, England and Canada. Their only album, 'In The Beginning' (1968), featured sunshine pop elements of The Association and The Turtles along with more roots oriented songs a la Buffalo Springfield.
The British North-American Act (not to be confused with the British North America Acts) were a garage band with a mildly psychedelic edge that operated out of Montreal during the late '60's. I couldn't really unearth anything about the band or its members, but the liner notes do at least provide us with a list of the group's lineup: "The BNA Act individually... Andy Bator, organ and piano, born in Hungary, February 20, 1947. Bob Allen, lead guitar, born in Montreal, July 3, 1946. Dave McCall, drums, born in Suffolk, England, November 11, 1948. Rick Elger, lead singer, rhythm guitar and harmonica, born in Liverpool, England. Kirk Armstrong, bass, born in Montreal, June 20, 1946. As a group... The British North-American Act works out of Montreal. The amount of time and effort spent is quite evident when you listen to IN THE BEGINNING. Everything they record is original. To date they have more than twenty songs written. Hold onto your seats, here comes the BRITISH NORTH-AMERICAN ACT! In The Beginning is a short but sweet set of songs heavily influenced by the usual suspects of the period. "See How Free" kicks the album off with a mix of harmonizing and twangy guitars somewhat reminicent of The Byrds. "Only A Dream," my favourite track on the record, is a melancholic ballad with a tuneful chorus, while "If You're Looking For Honey" is a more straightfoward blues-based tune with nice work by lead singer Rick Elger on the high "ooo"'s. Lastly, "All The World Is In Your Eyes" closes out the record with a dash of Kinks-inspired whimsy
1. See How Free
2. Baby Jane Days and Nights
3. Only a Dream
4. Joe Cool
5. World Would Understand
6. I'll Find a Way
7. Just How You Feel
8. Corduroy Coat
9. Give Yourself a Ride
10. If You're Looking for Honey
11. Don't Run Away
12. All the World Is in Your Eyes

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