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Blue Cheer's Family - Six Albums...

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Blue Cheer is great... At one time, Blue Cheer was hyped as the loudest rock band on the planet. Read more...

It's right .. But...

Let's fans of Blue Cheer don't resent and feel aggrieved but this theme (around of...) is interesting to me even more B.C. - greatest sure enough . So BC HERE (as one of variant) and in searching (on right) ------->
We have this story :


MINT TATTO -(Mint Tattoo - Mint Tattoo (1968) Rather mainstream blues-rock power trio, devoid of any progressive formulas, featuring Bruce Stephens (vocals, guitar), Ralph 'Burns' Kellog (bass, keyboards) and Gregg Thomas (drums). Mint Tattoo recorded one album for DOT in 1968, from which the single "I'm Talking About You/Mark of the Beast" was also released in 1969. Stephens and Kellog will be together again in Blue Cheer on "Blue Cheer" (1969). Gregg Thomas will join Fabulous Rhinestones and later will play with Jim McGuinn.
KAK - (Kak - Kak-Ola (Bonus 1968-69)Excellent psych and blues-rock band, caressed by some light lysergic varnish, formed in Sacramento in 1967. Kak, a quartet consisting of Dehner Patten (guitar, voice), Gary Yoder (guitar, vocals), Joseph Damrell (bass, sitar, percusions) and Chris Lockheed (drums, keyboards), surely was among one of the best and most underrated californian bands of its era. Their sole album "Kak" (Epic 1969) is nowadays one of the most sought-after by collectors. A fascinating record, rich with 'psichy' visions and mesmerizing electric ballads led by the shining guitar of Gary Yoder. From the LP was taken the single "I've Got the Time/Disbelievin". The second track, in particular, is an oniric electric pearl which outstands by its eccentricity in a lake of acoustic themes. To be remarked are also the long 'suite' "Golgotha/Mirage/Rain", a splendid mind trip close to some galactic temperatures we can find in Crosby and Kantner, grooved by a sharp and distorted guitar, "Bryte'n'Clear Day", penetrating like a sword blade and the catching "Lemonade Kid" which, if graced by appropriate exposure, could have been able to push the whole album straight up into the U.S. Charts. Gary Yoder will be with Blue Cheer in "The Original Human Beings" and "Oh! pleasant Hope" while drummer Chris Lokheed will be with Randy Holden on live performances also contributing to his solo effort "Population II".
THE OTHER HALF - (The Other Half - Other Half (1966-69)A blues and psychedelia group from San Francisco arisen from the ashes of the Sons of Adam (a cult garage outfit who recorded three singles for Alamo and Decca Records, one of which "Feathered Fish" was penned by Arthur Lee of Love and another being a cover of Yardbirds "You're a Better Man Than I". The band, a quintet led by imaginative guitarist Randy Holden, recorded four singles between '67 and '68:"Wonderful Day/Flight of the Dragon lady", "No Doubt About It/I Need You", "Oz Lee Eaves Drops/Morning Fire" all for ACTA and the best known garage-psychepunk "Mr.Pharmacist" (later covered by Fall) coupled with "I've Come So far" for GNP Crescendo. Its album "Other Half" (Atca, 1969) is still regarded as one of the masterpieces of U.S. psychedelia of the Sixties. After the group has disbanded, Randy Holden was involved with Blue Cheer performing on one side of "New ! Improved !" then recording the most acclaimed solo "Population II" for Hobbit (later reissued by Line): over thirty minutes of solo guitar dressed with original passages and homages to Hendrix. An extreem metallic trip into the mind - superb are "Blue My Mind" and "Keeper of My Flame" - in which some moments of exhaustion are not absent too. Craig Tarwater, another guitarist from The Other Half, will end up in Daily Flash, the postumous album of which, including the two original singles together with live stuff, has been released in Britain by Psycho in early Eighties.
SILVER METRE - (Silver Metre - Silver Metre - 1970)A group from the Bay Area formed by Leigh Stephens in 1969, with Jack Reynolds (vocals), Pete Sears (bass, keyboards) and Mick Waller (drums; ex Jeff Beck Group). Silver Metre released an interesting album recorded in London: "Silver Metre" (National General, 1969), belonging on different styles, from traditional rock ballad to american country blues all treated by very slicky guitars, keyboards and vocals. A quiet and 'athmospheric' record characterized by not the less than three covers of Elton John's songs ("Ballad of a Well Known Gun", "Country Comfort" and the beautiful "Sixty Years On") together with original numbers among which outstand the fascinating blues theme of "Dog End" and "Nightflight" featuring keyboards and guitars on the fore. Stephens and Waller both joined the Pilot project in 1971.
PILOT - (Pilot - Pilot (1971)Pilot was an outfit which gathered too many elements. Formed by two Americans, guitarists - ex Blue Cheer - Bruce Stephens and Leigh Stephens, and three Englishmen, blues guitarist Martin Quittenton (formerly in Steamhammer), drummer Mick Waller (from Silver Metre) and rock-jazz bassist Neville Whitehead (just coming from the sessions of 'The End of an Ear' with Robert Wyatt, later joined Isotope and Suntreader), such a bunch could never find an original direction, tottering between easy and ragged blues themes and conformist rock-songs. Pilot recorded two albums: "Pilot" (RCA) in 1971 and "Point of View" (RCA, unreleased) in 1972. To be mentioned, the solo work by Bruce Stephens: "Bruce Stephens" (World United Records, 1978), re-released as "Watch That First Step" for the Strawberry label in 1981. He also made an appearance with The Original Haze (later transformed into Fine Wine / Moby Grape).
LEIGH STEPHENS -( Leigh Stephens - Red Weather (1969) The last notes are saved for Blue Cheer's primeval guitarist. Leigh Stephens, after the Cheers and Silver Metre, had been living in England for many years being in friendly terms with musicians from the London 'underground' scene. He kept working with drummer Kevin Westlake (former Blossom Toes) and Nicky Hopkins, in addition to other sessionmen with the help of whom he recorded his first solo work, the excellent "Red Weather" (Philips, 1969), an album of melodic psychedelia rich with ballads and moments of electric extasy. Less interesting results shows his second effort "... and Cast of Thousands" (Charisma, 1971), too much in a redundant 'progressive' mood, overhelmed by a massive use of too many instrument. The last appearance of Leigh Stephens will be with Foxtrot.

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