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The Searchers - Complete Live at The Star-Club Hamburg (The Searchers At the Star-Club)


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The Searchers

Founded in 1957 by John McNally (guitar/vocals), the Searchers were originally one of thousands of skiffle groups formed in the wake of Lonnie Donegan's success with "Rock Island Line." The Searchers' immediate competitors included bands such as the Wreckers and the Confederates, both led by Michael Pender (guitar, vocals), and the Martinis, led by Tony Jackson (guitar/vocals). By 1959, McNally and Pender were working together as a duet; later in the year, Jackson joined as the lead vocalist. After drummer Norman McGarry left the Searchers he was replaced by Chris Crummy, who quickly renamed himself ... Read More...
In 63 the Searchers played 128 times on the Starclub stage, long hard nights in Hamburg/Germany. There were plans to make a live recording with various artists at the Starclub and Chris Curtis really begged to get one song - at least. There was one week time for recording using very primitive stuff. So only mono recordings were possible most of them made in the afternoon, when the Starclub was closed. The applause was copied later easily to be heard on the Searchers LP. The original album was released in October 1963 on the Philips label no. P 48052 L
1 - Sweets For My Sweet2 - Ain't That Just Like Me3 - Listen To me4 - I Can tell5 - Sick ANd Tired6 - Mashed Potatoes7 - I Sure Know A Lot About Love8 - Rosalie9 - Led In The Game10 - Hey Joe11 - Always It's You12 - Hully Gully13 - What'd I Say (uncutted long version)
Longplayer V.A. Twist im Star Club
14 - Beautiful Dreamer15 - Sweet Nothin's16 - Shakin' All Over
Longplayer V.A. Liverpool-Beat
17 - Sweet Little Sixteen18 - Don't You Know19 - Maybelline
Of all the British bands that recorded at the Star Club in 1962/63, the Searchers gave the best performance — polished, exciting, and utterly professional, lacking the finely honed 12-string guitar sound that their subsequent hits would display but still a fine testament to their early work and history....
In 2002 was be released CD. This CD is an update of an LP from Mercury released about 1964
Founded in the late '50s to back the now forgotten Johnny Sandon, this Liverpool foursome first played the Star-Club in July 1962, and made their 19 Philips recordings on March 1, 1963. Soon after they signed with Pye in England and went on to score many pop and folk-rock hits. This, though, is the raw side of the Searchers. Hard, pounding beat music. Here are all early classics like 'Sweets for my Sweet', 'Ain't That Just Like Me', 'Sweet Nothin's', 'Beautiful Dreamer' and many others. 2002.

The LP was issued with a weak lead guitar volume level; unfortunately this has not been changed on the CD. One would assume it was on the master. But the music is great. Many bands rush through songs when playing live, but the Searchers have great live arrangements played with perfect pace. These are the Tony Jackson (bass) Searchers before their sound was sedated in the studio, so there are no sweet, gentle moments. I like this lineup which produced their first two U.S. studio albums including material like Some Other Guy, Sea of Heartbreak, and Saturday Night Out. Each British invasion group had its own favorite American influences; you will hear the C&W and R&B favored by the Searchers as well as the Buddy Holly favorites plus Stephen Foster's Beautiful Dreamer. Brenda Lee's Sweet Nothings has a clever vocal arrangement. Play it often; it sounds better each time.
Коллекция концертных записей Searchers произведенных фирмой Philips 1 марта 1963 года в "Стар-клубе". Star-Club был открыт в Гамбурге менее чем за год до представленной записи (13 апреля 1962). Первое выступление дали Beatles, положив начало шумной и сандальной славе английских битников сперва в Германии, а затем и в Европе. Searchers среди многих ливерпульских коллективов продолжили славное дело знаменитых земляков, зажигая восторженную гамбурскую молодежь хлестким бит-роком и искрометным рок-н-роллом. Записи тогда тиражировались только на синглах и были воссозданы специалистами немецкого ретро-лейбла Bear Family в 2002 году. Три бонус трека датированы 1964 годом
fantastic live "Sandman"
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