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The Equals - Unequalled (1967)

Genuin Peresent from JANCY
The Equals formed in North London, England in 1965
 They are remembered mostly for their million selling chart-topper, "Baby Come Back". Eddy Grant, then sporting dyed blonde hair, was in the group, and also in the original line-up were the twin brothers Derv and Lincoln Gordon, as well as John Hall and Pat Lloyd.
They first started rehearsing on a council estate at Hornsey Rise, North London in 1965. In 1966 the group released the "Hold Me Closer" / "Baby Come Back" single, which did not capture much attention in the United Kingdom. However, in Germany and The Netherlands it went to #1 - a position its re-issue would later reach in the UK. Thus, the racially mixed London group gave President Records their only number one hit. A gold disc was presented to the group in June 1968 for a combined one million sales of the record . The year 1968 saw the release of "I Get So Excited" which appeared in the Top 50 of the UK Singles Chart. It was reported in September 1969 that all five members of the group had been injured in Germany, when their car ran off an autobahn in a gale.
By 1965, the Equals began doing dates in Europe as well, and released their first single on President Records. Though "Hold Me Closer" didn't perform on the charts, DJs began playing the flip side and by 1967 "Baby, Come Back" had hit the top of the charts in Germany and the Netherlands. One year later, the single hit number one in Britain as well, and brushed the charts in America. Subsequent singles lacked the immediate punch of "Baby, Come Back," however, and the Equals landed only two more Top Ten hits: "Viva Bobby Joe" and "Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys," the latter an apt message track from one of the few racially mixed bands of the era.

The Equals - Unequalled plus

1 - Baby Come Back
2 - Cant Find A Girl To Love Me
3 - Hold Me Closer
4 - Ding-Dong
5 - My Life Aint Easy
6 - Im A Poor Man
7 - I Wont Be There
8 - You Lied Just To Save Your Name
9 - To The Church
10 - Fire
11 - Hey Baby Its Time You Got Going
12 - Cant You Hear That Melody

13 - Give Love A Try
14 - Leaving You Is Hard To Do
15 - Cinderella Janie Girl
16 - The Guy Who Made Her A Star
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