Friday, June 19, 2009

The Rockin' Berries - They're in Town: The Pye Anthology

Chuck Botfield lead guitar
Terry Bond drums
Clive Lea lead vocal (left 1967)
Geoff Turton lead vocal, guitar
Roy Austin bass guitar (left 1965)
Bobby Thompson bass guitar (joined 1965)
Rod Clarke bass guitar (joined 1967)
Despite a couple of British Top Ten hits in 1964-65, the Rockin' Berries made no dent in the U.S. market at the height of the British Invasion. Much of the Berries' output reflected the lighter pop-rock face of the British beat boom, emphasizing catchy, carefully constructed tunes supplied by British and American songwriters, with high harmonies indebted to the Four Seasons and the Beach Boys. The Berries wrote little of their own material, and this, combined with the wimpiness of some of their recordings, doomed them to little recognition, and little critical respect, even among British Invasion aficionados. For what they were, however, their best pop-rock outings were pretty respectable. A career strategy that put an eye on the "all-around entertainer" niche, ... Read More...
The Rockin' Berries - They're in Town: The Pye Anthology (2006)
Disc: 1 
1. I Didn't Mean to Hurt You 
2. You'd Better Come Home 
3. He's in Town 
4. Flashback 
5. What in the World's Come Over You 
6. You Don't Know What You Do 
7. Let's Try Again 
8. Ich Liebe Dich [Ecstasy] 
9. Brother Bill (The Last Clean Shirt) 
10. Without Your Love 
11. All of Me 
12. Crazy Country Hop 
13. All I Want Is My Baby 
14. Lonely Avenue 
15. Shades of Blue 
16. Follow Me 
17. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby 
18. Funny How Love Can Be 
19. Poor Man's Son 
20. You're My Girl 
21. If You Find Somebody to Love 
22. From One Who Knows 
23. What Can I Do 
24. Across the Street 
25. Water Is Over My Head 
26. Doesn't Time Fly 
27. Take a Giant Step 
28. Barterers and Their Wives 
29. Without the One [Backing Track] 
30. That Lucky Old Sun 
Disc: 2 
1. Everything I Do Is for You 
2. Harvest of Love 
3. Way You Look Tonight 
4. I Know an Old Lady 
5. Happy to Blue 
6. Iko Iko 
7. When I'm Cleaning Windows 
8. I Need You 
9. Laughing Policeman 
10. My Little Red Book 
11. I Could Make You Fall in Love 
12. Land of Love 
13. Midnight Mary 
14. Money Grows on Trees 
15. Sometimes 
16. Needs to Be 
17. Smile 
18. Breakfast at Sam's 
19. Dawn (Go Away) 
20. She's Not Like Any Girl 
21. When I Reach the Top 
22. Pain 
23. Mr. Blue 
24. Yellow Rainbow 
25. Miss Fortune [Backing Track] 
26. Oh Gosh 
27. Joe Barla 
28. Goodnight

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