Thursday, June 04, 2009

Traffic Sound - Tibets Suzettes (1971) Peru

1. Tibet's Suzettes (4:45) 2. Those Days Have Gone (3:26) 3. Yesterday's Game (5:49) 4. America (3:00) 5. What You Need And What You Want (4:14) 6. Chicama Way (7:46) 7. You Got to Pay (3.15) 8. Got to Be Sure (3:32) 9. Empty (1:23)
There's no solid information in the liner notes as to when the ten songs on this disc were originally released, although at least a couple of them, "Chicama Way" and "Tibet's Suzettes," are from their third album, Traffic Sound (1970). All of the material certainly does have a 1970 feel, and they sound like nothing so much as a good warm-up act for, say, Joe Cocker or Santana had they been able to tour in the Northern Hemisphere, with their soul-rock feel. Occasional bursts of jazzy flute indicate that they were probably fans of early Jethro Tull. Great typo in the liner notes: "In 1969 they recorded their second LP, Virgin, perhaps the finest rock album made in South America in the seventies."
Recorded in 1970, known for it’s tri-fold pink cover, which is reproduced in this edition; features eight tracks of highly original material, full of “all out” improvised solos—some people call this their finest album. By this point, Traffic Sound had a strong, mature sound, unique in its mixture of psychedelic rock with Andean and Latin music. The hit songs ‘Chicama Way’ and ‘Tibet’s Suzettes’ (the album is often referred to under this name) revealed the group’s inner thoughts and the atmosphere that surrounded Peruvian youths in the early seventies. From the powerful rock of ‘Yesterday’s game’ and ‘What you need and what you want,’ to the soft psychedelia of ‘Those days have gone’ and ‘America,’ this album is a must for any psychedelic collection. The group were very active on an international level after this LP was released, and never quite were able to reach this quality again. Not only were they were playing at the Tiffany and Galaxy Clubs and at private parties, but they also went on a tour paid by Braniff Airlines. The South American tour, the first one by a Peruvian rock group, took them to Chile, Argentina and Brazil. They were welcomed everywhere as pioneers of the new rock sound that was under formation in South America. This reissue is the first and only one done using the original master tapes, was remastered with tube amplifiers, and was manufactured under license from MAG Records.

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