Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Liverpool Express - Tracks (1977)

Liverpool Express was a successful pop/rock quartet that formed out of the remnants of Rockin' Horse, a short-lived early-'70s oldies-oriented band organized by '60s Liverpool music veterans Jimmy Campbell and Billy Kinsley. Kinsley restarted Rockin' Horse in 1975 with Tony Coates on guitar and vocals, Roger Scott Craig on keyboards, and Derek Cashin on drums, while Kinsley played bass. Signed to British Warner Bros., they had a slow start with the abortive debut single "Smile," but scored with their second record, "You Are My Love," which reached number 11. They became fixtures in the mid-level of the U.K. charts for more than five years, with the occasional run up to the Top Ten, and in later years Cashin was succeeded by Pete Kircher and Coates was replaced by Kenny Parry. Their history came to an end when Kinsley rejoined his '60s outfit the Merseybeats in the early '90s.
  1 Smile  
  2 Hold Tight  
  3 Never the Same Without Love  
  4 You Are My Love  
  5 She's a Lady  
  6 Call Me Your Love  
  7 It's a Beautiful Day  
  8 (I Remember) Julian the Hooligan  
  9 Rosemary  
  10 Doing It All Again  
  11 Every Man Must Have a Dream  

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