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The Hitmakers - The Complete 1963 - 1968 (2СD) Denmark

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Denmark is a European country that began importing popular American rock and roll music in the 1950s, when that style was conquering audiences across the continent. Danish jazz and dance bands and soloists like Ib Jensen, Otto Brandenburg, Peter Plejl and Ib Glindemann brought the style to Danish listeners. At the end of the decade, the English band The Shadows was a major influence on the first pioneers of the era, The Cliffters and The Rocking Ghosts.

In the early 1960s, British R&B and beat bands inspired Danish counterparts like The Hitmakers, Sir Henry & His Butlers, The Defenders and The Beefeaters, as well as the breakthrough band Steppeulvene, whose 1967 LP Hip revolutionized the field of Danish rock by fusing American folk rock

1965 was the year the Danish beat culture really started. You began to see dance clubs everywhere, and beat magazines like Hit, Beat and Top Pop spread information about this new kind of music all over the country. Hundred of small bands were formed, inspired by the big English artists and Danish bands like the Hitmakers and the Defenders.
Every little suburb town had 15-20 bands of their own, and never before were so many obscure championships like “the Danish Kinks” and “the Danish Rolling Stones” held.
The sound was called “pigtrad musik” (barbed wire music), a name invented in the early sixties. Garage rock would be a better name for these bands that copied the more raw groups like the Pretty Things, etc. 1965 was also the year when small record labels began to challenge the major labels. They often released only a few singles ‘cause one thing was for sure - Danish rock didn’t sell anything. At parties it was okay to dance to the Danish bands, but when it came to record bu ying people only bought English records. Recording studio conditions weren’t that good either; there were only about five real professional studios available, so the records were often recorded in cinemas, row clubs and ordinary villa cellars


All recording from 1963 -1968 are presented here on vthis nice DOUBLE CD. 56 tracks all together

The Hitmakers The Complete 1963 - 1968 СD1

01 - I Saw Her Standing There
02 - She Cried
03 - Jambalaya
04 - Sweet Little Sixteen
05 - Surfin' Germany
06 - Tricky Dicky
07 - Singing The Blues
08 - Let's Go
09 - Little Boy Sad
10 - You'll See Me Cry
11 - Walking With My Angel
12 - Bony Maronie
13 - Hi-Heel Sneakers
14 - Back In The USA
15 - Don't Play That Song Again
16 - Hello Josephine
17 - If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
18 - Pink Dally Rue
19 - I Should Know Better
20 - A Little Bitty Tear
21 - Da Doo Ron Ron
22 - What'd I Say
23 - Stop The Music
24 - What You Gonna Do About It
25 - Michelle
26 - Who'll Be The Next In Line
27 - This Boy (Live)
28 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Live)
29 - Little By Little
30 - Somewhere They Can't Find Me

The Hitmakers The Complete 1963 - 1968 СD2

01 - Last Train To Clarksville
02 - Mohair Sam
03 - Traed An Ved Markronerne (Part 1+2)
04 - Lille Viggo Vekselstrom (Part 1+2)
05 - So Much In Love
06 - Love Me Baby
07 - Where Were You When I Needed You
08 - Feelin' Groovy
09 - Ginny Come Lately
10 - You're The Reason

The Floor

11 - Damned Little Fool
12 - In Every Hand
13 - Trustin' Mr. Jones
14 - Nevertheless
15 - Hey Mr. Flowerman
16 - Turn It On
17 - Mrs. O'Grady
18 - Moonbeam
19 - A Rainbow Around Us
20 - Little Mr. So And So
21 - I Think I Can Change You
22 - Hush
The Hitmakers

23 - You Ain't Going Nowhere
24 - Open The Door Homer
25 - Ogni Volta
26 - Sabato Sera
COMPLETE WORKS of Danish 60's beatband THE HITMAKERS. In the beginning the Hitmakers were one of most Liverpool-influenced Danish rock bands, and because of their many Lennon-McCartney recordings they got the job as the lead-in group for the Beatles when they played in the KB Hall in 1964. Their versions of "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Michelle" are some of the finest examples of this. They also covered the Monkees' breakthrough from 1966, "Last Train To Clarksville." They were popular all over Scandinavia. One of their biggest hits was "Stop the Music," but "Little Boy Sad" was also very popular live, and there was a real pigtrad touch when for example the band played the concert hall of Tivoli with other bands like the Weedons, Flintones and the Black Devils. After the Danish parodies "Tr?d An Ved Makronerne" and "Lille Viggo Vekselstrom," it was over for the band. They made an ambitious comeback attempt with a new name, the Floor, but their album didn't go over well even though it was actually quite good.

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