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The Rattles - Star-Club Show 1 (1965)

Anthology of The Rattles from JANCY
One of the most successful, and certainly one of the most prolific, German rock groups of the '60s
Rattles were the preeminent German Beat band of the Sixties and Seventies. Their genealogical tree shows the backbone of the Beat scene in Hamburg at this time. Without a doubt they were the figurehead and the melting pot for musical talent. They were founded in 1960 by Achim Reichel, who was training to be a waiter, and Herbert Hildebrandt who was an apprentice panel beater.

Sound booster/Amplifier: bought from a junk dealer; microphone tripods: welded by Herbert; repertoire: songs copied from recorded radio shows (BFN, Chris Howland) and cover versions of rare recordings; style: Rhythm And Blues / Rock'n'Roll.

Here's how it started: Manfred Woitalla, who later owned the Star Palast chain, was the one to arrange the first decent-paying jobs for Rattles, as he did for the Phantom Brothers. By Friday April 13, 1962, when the Star-Club opened its doors, with the Beatles being one of the acts, Rattles had already gained a lot of experience from their performances in and around Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. They were especially successful at the Thaeder in Bramfeld, but the stage of the beat Mecca remained out of reach for German bands. Only English and American musicians played there until Manfred Weissleder, the savvy owner of the Star-Club, had the idea to hold competitions for German groups. He wanted new attractions, and he wanted to draw in the fans of the local bands. The first competition was held on January 1, 1963.
Achim Reichel, Bernd E. Schulz, Dicky Tarrach, Edna Bejarano, Frank Dostal, Frank Mille, Henner Hoier, Herbert Bornhold, Herbert Hildebrandt-Winhauer, Jochen Peters, Zappo Lüngen
Discography :
Teenbeat (ARIOLA, EP, 1964)
Teenbeat From The Star Club, Hamburg (DECCA, EP, 1964)
Twist At The Star Club (PHILIPS, 1964)
Rattles (PHILIPS, EP, 1964)
The Searchers Meet The Rattles (MERCURY, 1965)
The Rattles (FONTANA, 1965)
Hurra! Die Rattles kommen (FONTANA, 1966)
Rattles (FONTANA, EP, 1966)
Greatest Hits (MERCURY, 1967)
Greatest Hits (FONTANA, 1969)
Rattles (DECCA, 1971)
Tonight, Starring Edna (PHILIPS, 1972)
Attention! The Rattles (FONTANA, 1972)
Ginn Mill (RCA, 1974)
Twist Im Star Club (IMS, 1994)
Star Club Show 1 (IMS, 1994)
Hurra! Die Rattles kommen (IMS, 1994)
The Rattles Remember: Finale Ligure (IMS, 1994)
Greatest Hits: New Recording (IMS, 1994)
Twist im Star-Club (1963)
Twist im Star-Club Hamburg (1964)
Live im Star-Club Hamburg (1964)
The Searchers meet the Rattles (1964)
Star Club Show 1 (1966)
Liverpool Beat (1966)
Hurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack to the film of the same name) (1966)
The Witch (1971)
Hot Wheels (1988)
Painted Warrior (1990)
New Wonderland (1993)
Live (1997)
Say Yeah! (2007)
Die deutschen Singles A&B (1963-1965), Vol. 1 (????)
Die deutschen Singles A&B (1965-1969), Vol. 2 (????)
Come On And Sing - Best (2004)
Goldene für die Rattles (1970)
Greatest Hits (1997)

The Rattles - Star-Club Show 1
1 - Shout
2 - Hootchie Coochie Man
3 - Too Much Monkey Business
4 - Shame Shame Shame
5 - Far Far Away
6 - I'm Gonna Do It
7 - You Better Stop
8 - Do Wah Diddy Diddy
9 - Just Like I Treat You
10 - Someone Who Is Just Like You
11 - Mr. Moonlight
12 - Betty Jean
13 - I Should Have Known Better

Bonus from Star-Club V.A. longplayer
14 - Don't I Think It's Time
15 - Shaggy Dog
16 - Up On The Roof

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