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Hedgehoppers Anonymous & Jonathan King - Jonathan King & Hedgehoppers Anonymous


Hedgehoppers Anonymous

were a 1960s beat group from the United Kingdom. They formed in 1963 as The Trendsetters, and became The Hedgehoppers the following year.[1] Jonathan King took over their record production in 1965, and added "Anonymous" to their name when they said they were popular in Peterborough, and did not want to change their name completely.

 Band members

  • Mick Tinsley – vocals
  • John Stewart - lead guitar
  • Alan Laud – rhythm guitar
  • Ray Honeybull - bass guitar
  • Leslie Dash – drums

Known originally as the Trendsetters, this five piece was discovered by producer Jonathan King just as they changed their name to Hedgehoppers, in reference to the fact that the entire band consisted of Royal Air Force pilots (whose reputation for low flying, or "hedge-hopping," was infamous). King suggested the addition of "Anonymous," and set to recording them. "It's Good News Week" was the first result, a catchy and satirical protest song that turned out to be their one hit (it has since been used, in a different version, for the theme song of an Australian TV comedy). Four other singles were released by the group before the final lineup dissolved.

Jonathan King

  • Born: December 06, 1944, London, England
  • Active: '60s, '70s, '80s
  • Instrument: Producer, Piano, Percussion
  • Representative Albums: "King of Hits," "The Many Faces of Jonathan King," "Hit Millionaire"

  • Jonathan King is the sort of figure who is unique to British pop music of the 1960s and 1970s. He could have no equivalent in America because of the sheer breadth of his talent and its relative superficiality. His music intersects commercial pop and comedy at several points, like a cross between Herman's Hermits, the Bee Gees, and Randy Newman, without ever getting more profound or complex than the first people on that list. He'd last about ten weeks in the American consciousness before being forgotten, which he mostly has been since his one thrust at fame in the States in 1965. Jonathan King burst onto the British (and, briefly, international) music scene in 1965 when he wrote and recorded a single called "Everyone's Gone to the Moon."... Read More...


    1. It's Good News Week - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    2. Afraid of Love - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    3. Don't Push Me - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    4. Please Don't Hurt Your Heart for Me - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    5. Baby (You're My Everything) - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    6. Remember - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    7. Daytime - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    8. That's the Time - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    9. Stop Press - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    10. Little Memories - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    11. Everyone's Gone to the Moon - Jonathan King
    12. Time and Motion - Jonathan King
    13. Land of the Golden Tree - Jonathan King
    14. Just Like a Woman - Jonathan King
    15. Passions of Ancient Egypt - Jonathan King
    16. Seagulls - Jonathan King
    17. Round Round - Jonathan King
    18. Green Is the Grass - Jonathan King
    19. It's Good News Week - Jonathan King
    20. Where the Sun Has Never Shone - Jonathan King
    21. Keep Your Feet on the Ground - Jonathan King
    22. Brother John - Jonathan King
    23. Summer's Coming - Jonathan King
    24. Take a Look at Yourself Babe - Jonathan King


    1. I have been looking for this album for a long time and I happened upon your site while looking for it again. I see lots of interesting titles here after only a few minutes of looking. Thanks for this one - and maybe a few more in the future!


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