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VA-Teenage Shutdown - You Treated Me Bad! Vol.2

Teenage Shutdown: You Treated Me Bad!, subtitled "The Teener Side of the Mid-'60s Garage Explosion," is another release in the Teenage Shutdown series, one that focuses primarily on mid-'60s garage rock/garage punk unknowns. Compiled by Crypt Records' Tim Warren and featuring highlights from "Moptop" Mike Markesich's 45 rpm collection, this CD features (as do all of the others) state-of-the-art sound quality, due to its thoughtful mastering; transfers were done all-analog, with a minimum of EQing before being transferred to digital. Unfortunately, there's not much about this collection to get excited about, musically. One reason is that the word "teener" seems to be interchangeable here with "amateur." This one really suffers when compared with more the more primeval, raw, and intense garage rock collections in the same series (Teenage Shutdown: The World Ain't Round, It's Square, for instance). As usual, there aren't too many band photos to be found in the fold-out insert booklet; only four black-and-white photos here, including the Jujus making their first of multiple appearances as the cover cats as well as providing the title track. The liner notes haven't much information on the bands either, but there probably wasn't much to begin with. Hands down, the most obnoxious song in the entire series has to be "Hurray for Hazel" by Terry Davidson & the Barracudas, a jangly teen rock act (they were apparently from Columbus, OH) whose off-tempo drumbeats, whacked-around guitars, and stupid lyrics rival only the Shaggs for sheer inanity. Other songs are more successful at bringing their inferior playing skills in line with the material. The Midknights' "Pain" fares much better before slipping into the ether. "It's Gonna Take a While" by the Morticians combines effective use of fuzz guitar and cool backing vocals, while the Sound Extraction offer up folk-pop with a novel twist: the singer "sings" the guitar solo, if you can believe that. Overall, if you prefer garage rock that falls on the harsher, rawer side of the spectrum, this one isn't for you. Conversely, if you like the more amateur-sounding teen rock/folk-pop side of garage music -- the kind where the lead singers seem to strain to hit what seems to be the most basic notes, or songs that seem to have little or no meter to them, and simplistic, repetitive "Louie Louie" or "96 Tears"-style riffs that go on, ad infinitum -- you might wanna check this one out. Otherwise, avoid it like acne.
Teenage Shutdown - You Treated Me Bad! (1998) 

01. Gremlins - Wait [2:06]
02. Moxies - Get A Move On [2:00]
03. I.D. Rogues - Why Did God Make Girls [2:08]
04. Monday's Mondos - I'm Cryin' [2:37]
05. Terry Davidson & The Barracudas - Hurray For Hazel [2:12]
06. Little John & The Sherwoods - Long Hair [2:16]
07. The Quests - Scream Loud [2:28]
08. Plagues - I've Been Through It Before [2:37]
09. The Twiliters - The Girl From Liverpool [2:06]
10. The Midknights - Pain [1:32]
11. Possums - She's Loving Me [3:05]
12. The Morticians - It's Gonna Take A While [2:34]
13. The Sound Extraction - I Feel Like Crying [2:46]
14. Messengers - I've Seen You Around [2:02]
15. The Saints - Leavin' You, Baby [2:16]
16. Dead Beats - She Don't Love Me [2:07]
17. Mysterymen - I've Got A Feeling [2:15]
18. The Shoremen - She's Bad [2:25]
19. The JuJus - You Treat Me Bad [1:51]

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