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The Dave Clark Five - Complete vol. 4



Year Of Release: 1965

The group's sixth American album shows them in somewhat uneven form, delivering the searing "I Need Love," with its roaring punk defiance -- worthy of Eric Burdon -- in addition to the roaring title track, as good a British take on New Orleans-style R&B as there was on the charts in those days. The instrumental "Pumping" is an energetic showcase for each of the band members, and "Maybe It's You" recalls "Anyway You Want It" in beat and timbre, but with a more subtle and dramatic vocal performance, with Lenny Davidson delivering a lead guitar-part drenched in fuzz tone, and Clark's furious drumming almost hypnotic in its effect. The ballads include "That's How Long Our Love Will Last," the elegant "A Little Bit Of Love," and the extended, mournfully dramatic "I'll Be Yours My Love." Perhaps the most interesting tracks here, however, are the four mid-tempo rockers on Side Two, "Please Love Me," "Goodbye My Friends," "She's A Loving Girl," and "You Know You're Lying," on which the group finds a lyrical variant on their usual high-energy sound, keeping their solid beat, but not imposing it on the listener as much as usual. If Davidson's guitar part on "I Am On My Own" didn't owe too much to the Beatles' "Baby's in Black," the whole second side of the record would give the DC5 serious points for seeking a fresh, more advanced take on their established sound.


Year Of Release: 1965

Weekend in London was the least-commercially successful of the Dave Clark Five's first six Epic albums. The slow, bass-driven "Come Home" was the album's hit, just reaching the Top 15 in America. The crunchy-with-horns "I'm Thinking" was recycled as the flip side of "Reelin' and Rockin'" a year later and "bubbled under" Billboard's Top 100. The album is a mixed bag of originals and covers of '50s hits like "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Little Bitty Pretty One," following the de facto formula for British Invasion records. The band's own songs vacillate between the pretty Beatlesque pop of "Your Turn to Cry" and moody rockers similar to early Zombies. The Dave Clark Five were putting out about three albums a year at this time, and in spite of its high points, Weekend in London sounds like they were being stretched a little too thin.

1, 4 - 6 Lp I Like It Like That
7 - 17 Lp Weekend In London
2 - 3, 18 - 24 Sg

01 - I Like It Like That
02 - Over And Over
03 - Reelin´ And Rockin´
04 - I´ll Be Yours My Love
05 - I'm On My Own
06 - I Need Love
07 - Come Home
08 - We´ll Be Running
09 - Blue Suede Shoes
10 - Hurting Inside
11 - I´ll Never Know
12 - Til The Right One Comes Along
13 - I´m Thinking
14 - Your Turn To Cry
15 - Little Bitty Pretty One
16 - Remember It´s Me
17 - Mighty Good Loving
18 - At The Scene
19 - Nineteen Days
20 - I´ve Got To Have A Reason
21 - I Miss You
22 - Don´t Let Me Down
23 - Good Time Woman
24 - All Night Long

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