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VA-Teenage Shutdown - Things Been Bad Vol.3

Teenage Shutdown: Things Been Bad, subtitled "18 Prime Slabs of Mid-'60s Garage Punk Grunt," is another collection of snarling garage punk nuggets dating back to 1966 and 1967. The collection is similar to the others in this series, compiled by Crypt Records' honcho Tim Warren from the singles collection of Mike "Moptop Mike" Markesich, who penned all of the Teenage Shutdown compilation series liner notes. The CD booklet -- which features just four black-and-white band photos, including the cover cats Pink Finks -- doesn't have much information on these regional releases, but there's info. here that you wouldn't expect to read anywhere else. The Choab, for instance, were also known by a misspelling of their name, the Chob, and Ognir & the Nite People's moniker was derived by the Nite People after they decided the band needed a leader. Having none, they reversed the name of the Fab Four's drummer, Ringo, and tacked it onto their name. There are goofy, almost novelty numbers included here, like Thee Midniters' "I Found a Peanut," from February 1966. This band later found much success with a string of hits that weren't quite as silly. The Barracudas' "What I Want You to Say" was recorded at the tiny studios inside the Downey, CA, record store, Wenzels, the same location where the Chantays had recorded their big surf hit. The Talismen ("She Was Good") were reportedly from the "apple capitol of the U.S.," Wenatchee, WA, and reportedly inspired by the Pacific Northwest's triumvirate of garage heroes: the Sonics, the Wailers, and the Kingsmen. Peter & the Wolves cover Them's "Only Everything" here, while there is no information about the Lost Soles' track, which comes from an unreleased acetate with no writer credits of other info. Duluth, MN's Kama Del Sutra were previously known as We the People (not the same group from Florida, incidentally, according to Markesich). Their track, "She Taught Me Love," was written on the way to the studio, but later its suggestive lyrics kept it off the radio ("Whatta square," Markesich says of the local fuddy-duddy station manager who refused to play it). As with most of the remaining Teenage Shutdown collections, the track selection and sequencing by Warren are thoughtful, and even though this isn't the batch collection in the bunch, the sound quality is mostly superb, with minimal EQing.
Teenage Shutdown - Things Been Bad (1998) 

01. The Pagans - Baba Yaga [2:17]
02. Choab - Why Am I Alone? [1:57]
03. The Barracudas - What I Want You To Say [2:21]
04. Ognir And The Night People - I Found A New Love [2:14]
05. The Other Half - The Girl With The Long Black Hair [2:55]
06. Yo-Yo - Gotta Find A New Love [2:48]
07. Thee Midnighters - I Found A Peanut [2:41]
08. The Pilgrimmage - Bad Apple [2:25]
09. Debonaires - Never Mistaken [2:30]
10. Roamin' Togas - Bar The Door [2:21]
11. Peter & Wolves - Only Everything [2:40]
12. The Roots - Lost One [2:17]
13. The Inner Thoughts - 1000 Miles [2:54]
14. Talismen - She Was Good [2:13]
15. The Saxons - Things Have Been Bad [2:40]
16. Stains - Now & Then [1:59]
17. The Lost Soles - Do You Remember [2:19]
18. Kama-Del-Sutra - She Taught Me Love [2:12]

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  1. I was the lead singer for The Yo Yo's from Memphis TN., from 1966-1970 I would like to know if the cut Gotta Find A New Love on the Things Been Bad Compilation CD is mine. It turns out there were other bands with the same name. One in England and one in New York that I know about. I recorded 5 2-sided singles in those days. Leanning On You has been a big hit with the Garage Band movement. Rusty Taylor


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