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Spirit - Son of Spirit (1975)



"..Other than "Holy Man" , I'd say Son Of Spirit is a perfect Randy California/Ed Cassidy album to follow Spirit of 76 with... Personally , I loved "Farther Along" , ....there's not a flawed piece in there with many songwriting highlights and very clean production. Definitely a first rate comeback...why oh why couldn't it have lasted ??? Even without Ferguson , Matt Andes was a great addition , as he is on the posthumous Randy California/Spirit CD's Matt , where are you hiding ? You're a fantastic guitar player in your own right !Submitted by starman (Time Coast , USA) "...Son of Spirit and Spirit of 76 are my two favorite post-Jay Ferguson Spirit albums, but they are very different. Spirit of 76 is totally overdone while Son of Spirit pleasure lies in its simplicity. Some might say that it's slight, and some of Randy's lyrics are really quite horrible. But Son of Spirit is definitely the most emotional album that Randy ever put out. His sweet multitracked guitar is all over the place. Highlights are Don't go Away and Magic Fairy Princess (the steel drums make the sSpirit - Son of Spirit (1975)ong). Family is a low point. I give SOS 4 stars I absolutely hated Farther Along when it first came out, but it has improved a bit with time. Many of the songs are half-written and the horns seem out of place. This was a reunion with most of the original Spirit (excepting Jay) but it sounds nothing like the old stuff. Colossus and Pineapple are high points. Mega Star is good too. Don't Lock up Your Door is wretched, as are some of the instrumentals. It ends with a muzak version of Nature's Way. Uh-huh. I give it two stars Average the albums and you get 3 stars.Submitted by gershbec (Skokie, IL)
Spirit - Son of Spirit (1975)
01-Holy Man
02-Looking Into Darkness
03-Maybe You'll Find
04-Don't Go Away
06-Magic Fairy Princess
08-The Other Song
09-Yesterday10-It's Time Now


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