Wednesday, December 09, 2009

VA-Teenage Shutdown - Nobody To Love vol.5

Part of the Teenage Shutdown series of 1960s garage rarities, Nobody to Love is devoted to "mid-60s teen folk-punk: 18 tales of tension & trauma." Some of the bands sound as if the Byrds might have had that group's lyrics been far more self-pitying and juvenile-oriented; there are occasional words with a social consciousness, but not many. It's acceptable garage rock that puts more emphasis on folk-like guitar riffs and sad melodies than much of the form, though it's not going to make anyone forget the Byrds or the Beau Brummels. When the sleeve notes brag about having dug out obscure singles, they're not kidding: many of these have never or rarely surfaced on the stacks of previous '60s garage comps. Still, there's little to really grip the ear, save the Shandells' extremely catchy "Shades of Blue," with its accordion-like cordox; the Rogues' "You Better Look Now" is one of the more accurate early Byrds imitations, especially in the McGuinn-ish lead vocal. Collectors may want to note the appearance of steel guitarist Glenn Ross Campbell, later of the psychedelic cult band the Misunderstood, on the two cuts by the Answers, although these are neither that great nor too similar to the music of the Misunderstood.
Teenage Shutdown - Nobody To Love [1998]

01. The Intruders - Now That You Know [2:35]
02. The Illusions - Wait Till The Summer [2:09]
03. The Shandels - Shades Of Blue [2:05]
04. The Paradox - There's A Flower Shop [2:39]
05. The Lovin' Kind - I'm Free [2:33]
06. Mike's Messengers - Cause Of All Man-Kind [2:58]
07. Sonics Inc. - Nobody To Love [2:45]
08. The Answers - Fool Turn Around [2:37]
09. The Jades - Surface World [2:32]
10. The Twilights - It Couldn't Be True [3:10]
11. The Viscount V - She Doesn't Know [2:16]
12. The Paragons - Abba [3:10]
13. The Sounds Like Us - Outside Chance [2:01]
14. The Rogues - You Better Look Now [2:15]
15. The Go-Betweens - Have You For My Own [2:31]
16. The Answers - Please Go Away [2:30]
17. The Plagues - Tears From My Eyes [2:47]
18. The Lovin' Kind - Can't Explain [2:43]

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