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The Primitives - Maladjusted (1964-67 )




The Primitives were never, ever exactly a household name, even in Oxford, where they had a serious following as a club band -- and that's a reminder that some things in life and history, and even music, are just so unfair as to be unsettling. The Primitives never charted a record in England or America while a lot of lesser bands earned millions, and then suffered the indignity of attaining cult status among collectors, based on their sheer obscurity. The group, signed to Pye Records in 1964, never found even a small national audience in England, but managed to make a name for themselves in Italy -- where English bands had a rock & roll authenticity and credibility lacking at home -- and record an LP in Italy and an EP in France that have a recognized combined value in the range of 1,000 ... Read More...


After having done a fantastic job with the Sorrows (fellow Pye signing who eventually found success in Italy), Sequel did a similarly magnificent job with the Primitives, who uncannily enough followed an identical career path. Maladjusted's 28 cuts gather everything the Primitives recorded between 1964-1967, including second singer Mal Ryder's pre-Primitives 45s, a rare French EP, and the entire Italian Blow Up album. The CD succinctly charts the band's progression from Pretty Things-styled R&B through mod-tinged freakbeat and raucous blue-eyed soul. Due to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles wowing the world bands such as the Primitives, who sprang up during the height of the "big two," were unfortunately left by the wayside. Until now, the Primitives have been relocated to the annals of cult freakbeat; hopefully this concise collection should raise the profile of this fabulous mid-'60s act.

01. Help Me02. Let Them Tell03. You Said04. How Do You Feel?05. Every Minute Of Every Day06. Pretty Little Face07. Forget It08. Your Friend09. Lonely Room10. Tell Your Friend11. Oh Mary (Demo)12. Oh Mary13. I Don't Feel Myself14. Mr Heartache15. Tears In My Eyes16. Gimme Some Loving17. L'ombra De Nessuno (Standing In The Shadows Of Love)18. No Response19. Johnny No (Thunder & Lightning)20. Cara - Lin21. Yeeeeeeh! (I Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore)22. Gira, Gira (Reach Out, I'll Be There)23. Every Minute Of Every Day24. Mister Heartache25. Ma Beata Te26. Sookie, Sookie27. Mohair Sam28. L'incidente (Soul Finger)



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