Friday, December 11, 2009

VA-Teenage Shutdown - Get A Move On!!! vol.7

Teenage Shutdown: You Better Get a Move On!, subtitled "Snarl & Stomp, Rave & Rant Teen Garage Hoot," is another fine collection of jangly pop and mid-'60s folk-punk. According to the CD booklet -- which features color photos and scans of the original single labels -- this collection dates from 1966 and 1967 and "serves up a solid batch of top-shelf Kinks-meets-Raiders-inspired oompf that flows like a mofo!" No argument there. The liner notes on this particular set are a bit skimpy compared with some of the others in this series. Things get off to a rollicking start with the single that provided the comp with its title, "You Better Get a Move On" by the Soul Inc., which was reportedly written by Niki Sullivan of the Crickets. The Spades (from Winter Park, FL) offer up a moody "I'm Alright." Swirling organ is more prominent on tracks by Yesterday's Children (from lower New York state) and the Missing Lynx (from Lawrenceburg, TN), who cover Paul Revere & the Raiders' "Louie Go Home." Unlike a lot of various-artists compilations, not all of the best tracks are front-loaded here; some of the better singles come midway or toward the end. These include the Rogues' heavy bass-propelled "Put You Down," the Vaqueros' fuzz-heavy "Growing Pains" (the drummer from this northern Minnesota-based band ended up being the last original member in the group's lineup, spanning from 1961-1967), and Houston, TX's the Dave Starkey V/Just Us' "Stand There." This group featured British singer Dave Starkey, who left the band with a dilemma when he left (a contest allowing fans to pick their new name resulted with Just Us). All in all, this is a solid collection, and like each of the others in this series, the track selection and sequencing by Warren are thoughtful and the sound quality is mostly superb, with minimal EQing.

 Get A Move On!!! [1998]

01. Soul Inc. - You Better Get A Move On [2:15]
02. The Spades - I'm Alright [2:50]
03. The Bare Facts - Watch Your Step [2:26]
04. The Third Evolution - Don't Play With Me [2:20]
05. The Chessmen - You Can't Catch Me [2:22]
06. The Checkmates - Get It While You Can [2:35]
07. The Black Watch - Left Behind [2:31]
08. The Monarchs - You've Got Love [2:22]
09. Yesterday's Children - Feelings [2:09]
10. The Rogues - Put You Down [2:12]
11. The Missing Lynx - Louie Go Home [2:09]
12. The Roots - It's Been A Long Journey [2:19]
13. The Vaqueros - Growing Pains [2:29]
14. The Starlites - Wait For Me [2:47]
15. The Dave Starky Five/Just Us - Stand There [2:28]
16. The War-Babies - Jeanie's Pub [2:25]
17. The New Things - The Only Woman You Can Trust (Mom) [3:02]
18. The Zoo - Gonna Miss Me [2:04]

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