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The David - Another Day, Another Lifetime (1967)

The David released a totally obscure, well-produced, and very fine baroque/pop/psychedelic album in 1967, Another Day, Another Lifetime. One writer described them in a collector magazine as a garage Left Banke, and the description is pretty apt. The melodies are gorgeous and the arrangements are delicate, yet they rock harder than the Left Banke, a gutsy electric guitar and organ often helping drive along the nifty orchestrated tunes. Lead singer Warren Hansen wrote all of the material, putting him nearly on par with fellow wunderkind Michael Brown.

The story of the group, and the fate of Hansen, was one of the greatest mysteries of '60s rock, but the liner notes to a CD reissue of the ... Read More...

Warren Hansen - Organ, Vocals
Mark Bird - Guitar
Chuck Spieth - Bass
Tim Harrison - Drums

Not to overdo the Left Banke comparison, but any fan of that group will enjoy this a lot as well, as they have a similar fusion of pure pop hooks, imaginative Baroque orchestration, and fragile romantic songwriting. The David have more of a rock drive, however, and are more apt to employ period psychedelic flourishes (such as the wobbling distorted guitar riffs on "Mirrors of Wood") and take on more whimsical, less personal lyrical concerns. The beautiful, suite-like title cut, the organ-powered "Sweet December," and "Now to You" are highlights. The 2001 CD reissue on Jamie adds a couple of previously unreleased songs, one just an instrumental backing track for a cover of the Yardbirds' "Mr. You're a Better Man Than I," the other a characteristic original ("I Don't Care") that sounds like only the backing vocals have been included. It also has liner notes that do a good deal to fill in the background of this obscure group.

01. Another Day, Another Lifetime I Would Like To Know 5:53
02. I'm Not Alone 1:50
03. Sweet December 3:06
04. Tell Me More 2:25
05. Now To You 2:50
06. Professor Crawford 2:41
07. Time M 3:49
08. So Much More 2:17
09. Mirrors Of Wood 3:24
10.Of Our Other Days 2:08
11.I Don't Care (bonus)
12.Mister, You're a Better Man Than I (bonus)

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  1. Hello, I am searching for THE EMPERORS - Pretty Ballerine, a song that Lefte Banke sang, too

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