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The Dave Clark Five - Complete vol. 2


A Session with the Dave Clark Five

Year Of Release: 1964

The group's debut LP did well in England but, as was the custom in the early days of the British Invasion, it had to be finessed into the United States. For the Dave Clark Five's U.S. debut, Epic Records wisely decided to combine the band's British singles and B-sides onto what became the Glad All Over album, delivering one of the label's biggest selling long-players up to that time. With that success behind them, and the public eager for more, the label then released A Session With The Dave Clark Five virtually intact in America, but titled Return!. As the group's first venture in making an LP, it's not as strong as their later efforts, though it does show off their range around the sound that would make them international stars. 

American Tour

Year Of Release: 1964

One of the Dave Clark Five's finest hours, American Tour (so named in commemoration of their first U.S. tour -- it's not a live album) is excellent from start to finish. The album encompasses slightly retrograde instrumental rock & roll, like the "Green Onions"-styled "Move On," in addition to the sophisticated pop/rock and driving garage rock of their vocal cuts. "Because" was one of the band's biggest American hits and, like everything on the album, was composed by its members. The mixture of jazzy chords, straight-ahead rock, and saxophone (which was pretty passé in 1964) is an interesting one, making the group less enigmatic than the Zombies and more obviously rooted in earlier rock traditions than the Beatles. Despite the adventurous construction of their vocal songs, they're willing to use standard chord progressions for their instrumentals. In that sense, the Dave Clark Five bridged the gap between the music of Bill Haley, the Bill Black Combo, and the Beatles in a way that few other British Invasion acts did.


01 - I Need You I Love You
02 - Can´t You See That She´s Mine
03 - I Love You No More
04 - Rumble
05 - Funny
06 - On Broadway
07 - Zip A Dee Doo Dah
08 - Can I Trust You
09 - Forever And A Day
10 - Theme Without A Name
11 - Who Does He Think He Is
12 - Move On
13 - Whenever You´re Around
14 - I Want You Still
15 - Come On Over
16 - Blue Monday
17 - Sometimes
18 - Anytime You Want Love
19 - I Cried Over You
20 - Long Ago

01 - 10 Lp Session With
11 - 20 Lp American Tour

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