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The Dave Clark Five - Complete vol. 5




Year Of Release: 1966

Depending on your outlook, this was either one album too many for the Dave Clark Five, or an essential step in their survival after the mid-'60s. By 1966, the Beatles, and even the Rolling Stones, were using sitars on their records; Brian Wilson was composing concept albums and vest-pocket pop symphonies, and folk-rock was so well established as a commercial music genre that its inventors, the Byrds, were compelled to find some new wrinkles to maintain their edge. In that environment, it was inevitable that the DC5 would allow their music to evolve. From the crisp piano chords and lean, restrained guitar and sax sound, as well as the upbeat tone of Try Too Hard there was change in the air from the opening seconds of this LP. "I Never Will" is another cheerful and tuneful rocker with a gorgeous modulation, and "Looking In" is a similarly lyrical piece of rock 'n' roll, driven more by its piano and rhythm guitar parts (all punctuated by a soaring chorus), than by the honking saxes or pounding organ of prior years. "Ever Since You've Been Away" sounds like a theme from a lost western movie (in fact, the melody and the break are very similar to the theme from Hang 'Em High, written a year later). The one track that might not work is the much too retro "Scared Of Falling In Love," but most of the rest makes for an enjoyable, still exciting, if somewhat softer, permutation of their basic sound.

Satisyfied With You

Year Of Release: 1966

Give the Dave Clark Five this much credit: on their ninth Epic album in a little over two years, they were at least writing almost all of the material, even if the ten songs altogether clocked in at only about 21 minutes. There were no standout tunes, however, on tracks which mimicked the British Invasion formula of their 1964-65 stuff without either moving forward artistically or coming close to equaling the quality of their hits. Even the one Top 40 hit on the LP, "Please Tell Me Why," was wholly forgettable.

5 By 5

In a situation guaranteed to cause confusion among discographers until the end of time, the Dave Clark Five issued two albums titled 5 X 5 in the 1960s that had entirely different contents. The one described in this review is the first of these, issued in the United States in 1967 with the title spelled "5 X 5." The second, issued in the U.K. 1969, has the full title spelled as follows: "5 X 5 = Go! 14 Titles by Dave Clark Five." That clarification out of the way, this U.S. 1967 LP found the quintet playing pretty much in the same style they had been using since their first hit, even though trends were passing them by left and right by this point. Even judged on its own merits and not as to whether it was cutting-edge for its era, it shows the group's approach starting to wear a little thin, mostly owing to the shortage of good material. "Nineteen Days" was the only hit single here (and not big one, falling a little short of the Top 40), and saw them trying on a slightly more aggressive guitar sound and histrionic vocal delivery. Otherwise they often stick to their usual good-time, simple love songs without the killer hooks of their best work. And a few of the tracks simply come off poorly, those being the country ballad "Picture of You" and the Lovin' Spoonful-like "Sitting Here Baby." The pop ballad "Bernadette" gets into more melodic territory, but without the quality of prior similar efforts along those lines like "Because" and "Crying Over You." Only "You Don't Want My Loving" shows them close to hitting their stride, with a passionate Mike Smith lead vocal and almost Yardbirds-influenced gloomy melody, background chanting, and mid-song change of gear into a rave-up.

1, 4, 8 - 15 Lp Try Too Hard
2, 3, 6 Sg
5, 7, 16 - 20 Lp Satisyfied With You
21 - 24 Lp 5 By 5

01 -Try Too Hard
02 - Look Before You Leap
03 - Please Tell Me Why
04 - Somebody Find A New Love
05 - Satisfied With You
06 - Do You Still Love Me
07 - I Meant You
08 - Today
09 - I Never Will
10 - Looking In
11 - Ever Since You´ve Been Away
12 - I Really Love You
13 - It Don´t Feel Good
14 - Scared Of Falling In Love
15 - I Know
16 - Go On
17 - You Never Listen
18 - I Still Need You
19 - It´s Only Hurt You For A Little While
20 - Good Lovin´
21 - Something I´ve Always Wanted
22 - How Can I Tell You
23 - Picture Of You
24 - Pick Up Your Phone

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