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The Grass Roots - Where Were You When I Needed You (1966)


The Grass Roots had a series of major hits -- most notably "Let's Live for Today," "Midnight Confessions," "Temptation Eyes," and "Two Divided by Love" -- that help define the essence of the era's best AM radio. Although the group's members weren't even close to being recognizable, and their in-house songwriting was next to irrelevant, the Grass Roots managed to chart 14 Top 40 hits, including seven gold singles and one platinum single, and two had hits collections that effortlessly went gold. The group's history is also fairly complicated, because there were at least three different groups involved in the making of the songs identified as being by "the Grass Roots."

The Grass Roots was originated by the writer/producer team of P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri... Read More...
Before the Grass Roots reached the peak of their pop/rock popularity, they were a much more folk-rock-oriented outfit. Indeed, this debut album is a matter of much confusion; apparently the original Grass Roots were pretty much a front for the songwriting team of P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri, who ended up performing on much of the album themselves. In any case, this is decent, though not top-of-the-line, early folk-rock, falling about halfway between the Byrds and more pop-oriented peers like the Turtles and the Mamas & the Papas. Highlights include the hit title track and other Sloan-Barri originals like "Lollipop Train," "Look Out Girl," "This Is What I Was Made For," and "You Baby," which was a hit for the Turtles.

1. The Grass Roots - Eve Of Destruction (3:34)
2. The Grass Roots - Only When You're Lonely (3:11)
3. The Grass Roots - Look Out Girl (2:18)
4. The Grass Roots - Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (2:50)
5. The Grass Roots - I've Got No More To Say (2:50)
6. The Grass Roots - I Am A Rock (3:04)
7. The Grass Roots - Lollipop Train (You Never Had It So Good) (3:12)
8. The Grass Roots - Where Were You When I Needed You (3:03)
9. The Grass Roots - You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (2:22)
10. The Grass Roots - Tell Me (You're Coming Back) (3:27)
11. The Grass Roots - You Baby (2:23)
12. The Grass Roots - This Is What I Was Made For (2:24)
13. The Grass Roots - Mr. Jones (Ballad Of A Thin Man) (2:56)
14. The Grass Roots - You're A Lonely Girl (2:24)
15. The Grass Roots - (These Are) Bad Times (3:06)
16. The Grass Roots - Tip Of My Tongue (2:34)
17. The Grass Roots - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (2:53)
18. The Grass Roots - Hitch Hike (2:40)

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