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Golden Earring - 3 Originals (2CD) 2003


Best known in the U.S. for its hard rock material, Golden Earring has been the most popular homegrown band in the Netherlands since the mid-'60s, when they were primarily a pop group. The group was founded by guitarist/vocalist George Kooymans and bassist/vocalist Rinus Gerritsen, then schoolboys, in 1961; several years and personnel shifts later, they had their first Dutch hit, "Please Go," and in 1968 hit the top of the Dutch charts for the first of many times with "Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong," a song that broadened their European appeal. By 1969, the rest of the lineup had stabilized, with lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Barry Hay and drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk. They experimented with their style for several years before settling on straightforward hard rock initially much like that of the Who, who invited them to open their 1972 European tour. Golden Earring signed to the Who's Track label, which released a compilation of Dutch singles, Hearing Earring, helping the group break through in England. 1974's Moontan LP spawned the single "Radar Love," a Dutch number one, U.K. Top Ten, and U.S. number thirteen hit. The group toured America opening for the Doobie Brothers and Santana, but the lack of a follow-up ensured that their popularity remained short-lived in America, even though they remained a top draw in Europe over the rest of the 1970s. 1982 saw a brief American comeback with the album Cut and the Top Ten single "Twilight Zone," but as before, Golden Earring could not sustain its momentum and faded away in the U.S. marketplace. All of Golden Earring's basic lineup has recorded as solo artists in Europe. "Radar Love" enjoyed a second round of popularity when pop-metal band White Lion covered the song in 1989.

Golden Earring — рок-группа, образованная в 1961 году в Гааге, Голландия, первончально (и до 1969 года) под названием The Golden Earrings. Golden Earring начинали как бит- и поп-группа, но постепенно ужесточали и усложняли звучание; в годы наибольшего успеха ансамбль исполнял хард-рок с элементами прогрессив. Международный успех Golden Earring принесли хиты Radar Love (1973), Twilight Zone (1982) и When The Lady Smiles (1984). [1] Группа, выпустившая у себя на родине более 40 хит-синглов и более 30 альбомов с платиновым статусом, существует по сей день в составе: Барри Хэй (вокал, гитара, флейта, саксофон), Джордж Куйманс (вокал и гитара, основатель группы), Ринус Герритсен (бас-гитара и клавишные) и Сезар Зюйдервийк (ударные).

Barry Hay (vocals, guitar, flute, saxophone, 1967-present),
George Kooymans (vocals, guitars),
Rinus Gerritsen (bass, synthesizer, keyboards),
Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums, percussion, 1970-present),
Eelco Gelling (guitar, 1976-78),
Frans Krassenburg (vocals, 1964-67),
Fred van der Hilst (drums, 1961-64),
Hans van Herwerden (guitar, 1961-63),
Jaap Eggermont (drums, 1964-69),
Peter de Ronde (guitar, 1963-66),
Robert-Jan Stips (keyboards, 1975-76),
Sieb Warner (drums, 

Golden Earring 3 Originals CD - Import:

Just Earrings - 1965
Winter Harvest - 1967
Miracle Mirro - 1968

Dutch import. 13 bonus tracks.

Long before they gained popularity in the States with pop rock hits like 1983's "Twilight Zone" (under their later name, Golden Earring), the Golden Earrings had years of chart success in their native Holland. The extensive 3 ORIGINALS is a compilation of their first three full-length releases, JUST EARRINGS, WINTER HARVEST, and MIRACLE MIRROR, and includes 13 bonus tracks.

Specially-priced release featuring the veteran Dutch rockers' first three albums together on two CDs, their 1965 debut 'Just Earrings', 1967's 'Winter Harvest' and 1968's 'Miracle Mirror', plus 13 bonus tracks! Bonus tracks are 'Chunk Of Steel', 'That Day', 'The Words I Need', 'If You Leave Me', 'Waiting For You', 'Daddy Buy Me A Girl', 'What You Gonna Tell', 'Don't Run Too Far', 'Wings', 'Sound Of The Screaming Day', 'She Won't Come To Me', 'Together We Live Together We Love' and 'I Wonder Preview Together We Live And Love'. A grand total of 51 tracks. Double jewelcase. 


1. Nobody But You
2. I Hate Saying These Words
3. She May Be
4. Holy Witness
5. No Need To Worry
6. Please Go
7. Sticks And Stones
8. Iam A Fool
9. Don't Saty Away
10. Lonely Everyday
11. When People Talk
12. Now I Have
13. Another Man In Town
14. Smoking Cigarettes
15. In My House
16. Don't Wanna Loose That Girl
17. Impeccable Girl
18. Tears And Lies
19. You've Got The Intention To Hurt Me
20. Dream
21. You Break My Heart
22. Baby Don't Make Me Nervous
23. Call Me
24. Happy And Young Together
25. Lionel The Miser
26. There Will Be A Tomorrow
27. The Truth About Arthur
28. Circus Will Be In Town In Time
29. Crystal Heaven
30. Sam And Sue
31. I've Just Lost Somebody
32. Mr. Fortune's Wife
33. Who Cares?
34. Born A Second Time
35. Magnificent Magistral
36. Must I Cry?
37. Nothing Can Change This World Of Mine
38. Gipsy Rhapsody
39. Chunk Of Steel
40. That Day
41. The Words I Need
42. If You Leave Me
43. Waiting For You
44. Daddy Buy Me A Girl
45. What You Gonna Tell
46. Don't Run Too Far
47. Wings
48. Sound Of The Screaming Day
49. She Won't Come To Me
50. "Together We Live, Together We Love
51. I Wonder Preview Together We Live And Love

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  1. This looks really good. Not very familiar with their early work, but this looks like a great collection and a great way to hear this band during their formative years. Thanks!


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