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The Buggs- The Beetle Beat( 1964)

The Buggs were a short-lived tribute band of the mid-1960s, inspired by The Beatles craze.

The Beetle Beat is representative of the flood of imitation Beatles records that went on the market when Beatlemania hit it big in 1964. These albums usually feature a few Lennon-McCartney covers, some R&B and early rock & roll covers, and are filled out with inane originals incorporating token British catch phrases, like "Big Ben Hop" or "Liverpool Drag." The music was rendered by disinterested session musicians and marketed with a photograph on the cover of four or five mop-topped models in a Beatlesque pose. Some lucky consumers may have picked up an album of this type with The Beatles actually performing, albeit as backing musicians for Tony Sheridan. If nothing else, these records illustrate the magnitude of the Beatlemania phenomenon in its heyday. Nowadays, they can be found at the flea market for a cheap laugh.
The Buggs were a short-lived tribute band of the mid-1960s, inspired by The Beatles craze.
The Buggs' only album, The Beetle Beat, released in March 1964, consisted of covers of Beatles songs ("I Want To Hold Your Hand", "She Loves You") with some humorous originals ("Big Ben Hop" {"Sassy Sue"}, "Liverpool Drag" {"Why Won't You Leave That Man?"}, "Teddy Boy Stomp" {"I'll Never Leave You"}, "Mersey Mercy" {"You Got Me Bugged"}, "Swingin' Thames" {"That's For Sure"}, "London Town Swing" {"Why Can't You Love the Boy Who Loves You"}), and a cover version of "Just One Look" (as "Soho Mash").
Despite the cover displaying "The original Liverpool sound", and claiming to have been "Recorded in England," The Buggs hailed from Omaha, Nebraska, and the album was actually recorded at Kay Bank Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[1]
A later re-release of the album was titled Meet The Buggs and featured the band in the same pose as on the cover of Meet The Beatles (the then-current American title for the album now called With The Beatles).

1. The Buggs - I Want To Hold Your Hand (2:11)
2. The Buggs - Mersey Mercy (2:44)
3. The Buggs - Soho Mash (2:05)
4. The Buggs - East End (2:27)
5. The Buggs - London Town Swing (2:02)
6. The Buggs - Loves You
7. The Buggs - Liverpool Drag
8. The Buggs - Swingin' Thames
9. The Buggs - Big Ben Hop
10. The Buggs - Teddy 'Boy Stomp

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