Wednesday, June 01, 2011

V.A.- Heimatliche Klaenge vol.76 - Native Sounds

Heimatliche Klaenge - Deutsche Schallplatten-Kleinlabels 
Native Sounds - Small German Record-Labels

Bellaphon 45' BL 10xx vol3

BL 1057a Zahnweh Shake / Lucky Tucky
BL 1057b          Dann irrst du dich, my dear
BL 1071a Grazing In The Grass / Charly & the Diamonds
BL 1071b          The Horse
BL 1072a Inside My Love / The Savages
BL 1072b          Why Don`t You Stay
BL 1073a Wer hat die Schuld / The Diamonds
BL 1073b Versprich nichts
BL 1075a Hey You See Me / Buzz Bennett
BL 1075b Chimneysweeper
BL 1080a Explosion Pt.1 / The Untouchables
BL 1080b Explosion Pt.2
BL 1082a Crazy Love / The Modern Sounds
BL 1082b Gimme Your Love
BL 1084a I Know / The Savages
BL 1084b Promise You
BL 1088a The Ghost / The Ghostmen
BL 1088b A Kiss Away
BL 1094a Baby And Me / The Hammers
BL 1094b Little Butterfly
BL 1095a Fairground / Pure Gold
BL 1095b You've Gotta Give It Time

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