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 The Rolling Stones  /  Musicorama Mixdown    


The Rolling Stones

Musicorama Mixdown

L'Olympia Theatre , Paris France '65 -'66 -'67

Disc 1

      April 18th 1965

1.   Everbody Needs Somebody to Love (A)

2.   Around and Around (A)

3.   Off The Hook (A)

4.   Time Is On My Side (A)

5.   Carol (c)**

6.   It's All Over Now (C)**

7.   Little Red Rooster (B)

8.   Route 66 (c)**

9.   EVerbody Needs Somebody To Love (B)

10.  The Last Time (c)**

11.  I'm Alright (B)

12.  Craw- Dad (B)

    March 29th 1966 1st show

13.  The Last Time (end Only) (D)

14.  Mercy Mercy (D)

15.  She Said Yeah (D)

16.  Play With Fire (1st half cut) (D)

17.  Not Fade Away (D)

18.  That's How Strong My Love Is (D)

19.  I'm MOving On (D)

20.  The Spider And The Fly (D)

21.  Time Is ON mY Side (Ending Only) (D)

22.  19th Nervous Breakdown (D)

23.  Around And Around

24.  Get Off OF My Cloud (D)

25.  I'm Alright (D)

26.  Satisfaction (D)

dISC 2

     APRIL 11th , 1967 

1.   Paint It Black (C)

2.   19th Nervous Breakdown (C)

3.   Lady Jane (B)

4.   Get Off Of MY Cloud/Yesterdays Papers (C) **

5.   Under My Thumb (A)

6.   Ruby Tuesday (C)

7.   Lets Spend The NIght TOgether (C)

8.   Goin' Home (B)

9.   Satisfaction (C,E)

     March 29th , 1966 2nd Show

10.  The Last Time (C)

11.  Mercy , Mercy (E,F)

12.  She Said Yeah (F)

13.  Play With Fire (F)

14.  Not Fade Away (E)

15   The Spider And The Fly (F,E)

16.  Time Is On MY Side (F)

17.  19th Nervous Breakdown (C)

18.  Hang On Sloopy Theme/Get Off Of My Cloud (C)

19.  I'm Alright (F,E)

20.  Satisfaction (C,E) **


A - VGP's A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss (rebroadcast)

B - VGP's A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss (original broadcast)

c - Tape Source

D - Hot LIps #uckin' and Suckin'(pitch corrected and Equalized)

E - VGP's Ready Steady Stones

F - Bad Wizards Down The Road Apiece (Equalized)

**  Previously Unreleased on cd or Lp

This is a nice compilation of the L'Olympia Theatre shows (not compiled by me). 

The sound quality is very good. 

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