Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Donna Lynn meets Robin Clark (Pop rarities from the early 60's) Flac + MP3

This is a pairing of two collectable young artists from the Capitol label, offering 20 tracks from Donna Lynn’s 1963-65 period, and eight more from Clark, recorded between 1961-64. Girlie aficionados will know that this time period saw plenty of changes in both girl group styles and studio recording quality. As such, Lynn’s later cuts are the most satisfying listens.

Donna Lynn was a groomed teeny pop princess who recorded an album that included several acceptable covers of songs such as Navy Blue, Roll Over Beethoven and Our Day Will Come, alongside two cash-in Beatles-related tracks and a couple of attractive originals in The Things I Feel and That Winter Weekend. Much better, however, are three of her later singles, including the sparkling I’d Rather Be With The Girls, which was written by Keith Richards and Andrew Loog Oldham, and arranged by Charlie Callelo. Meanwhile, the Robin Clark tracks find a pre-teen in second division Brenda Lee territory, and are more for completist collectors.


Donna Lynn - Java Jones

Donna Lynn - Roll Over Beethoven

Donna Lynn - The Things That I Feel

Donna Lynn - I Only Want to Be With You

Donna Lynn - Navy Blue

Donna Lynn - I Had a Dream I Was a Beatle

Donna Lynn - My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut

Donna Lynn - My Bonnie

Donna Lynn - Our Day Will Come

Donna Lynn - Ronnie

Donna Lynn - That Winter Weekend

Donna Lynn - That's Me - I'm the Brother

Donna Lynn - There Goes the Boy I Love With Mary

Donna Lynn - Silly Girl

Donna Lynn - I'd Much Rather Be With the Girls

Donna Lynn - I'm Sorry, More Than You Know

Donna Lynn - When Your Heart Rings, Answer

Donna Lynn - True Blue

Donna Lynn - Donna Loves Jerry

Donna Lynn - Oh I'm in Love (With George Maharis)

Robin Clark - Daddy, Daddy

Robin Clark - Love Has Come my Way

Robin Clark - For Your Sake

Robin Clark - Billy

Robin Clark - It's Love

Robin Clark - The Butterfly Tree

Robin Clark - Tellin' Myself

Robin Clark - I Gotta Be Sure


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  1. any chance for a FLAC version with this one?

  2. I would like the mp3 version. Maybe I'm not seeing well?



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