Friday, July 06, 2018

The Regents ‎– The Regents Live At The A.M.-P.M. Discothèque (1964)

The Regents, 1966, from left: Jerry Rosa, John Harris (sitting, holding his knee), Craig Boyd (sitting in front looking down), Johnny Mann and Mike McDonald (far right)

House band at the A.M.-P.M Discotheque in Los Angeles in the mid-1960's. The lineup, whose members were reportedly from Bakersfield, CA, included John Harris (bass), Mike McDonald, Jerry Rosa, Craig Boyd and Tom Baker. This group is sometimes confused with The Regents (2) who charted with the original version of Barbara Ann in 1961.


  1. Thanks for posting this one. I collect versions of comin' home Baby.

    1. Hi,boogieman.
      I dare show my indiscretion .. ;)
      Could you,possibly, share some of them with our community?


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