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VA - Anders & Poncia / Masterworks 1961-1967

Peter Andreoli (b. 28 April 1941, New York, USA) and Vincent Poncia Jnr. (b. 29 April 1942, New York, USA) were originally members of the Videls, who enjoyed minor US success with ‘Mister Lonely’ in June 1960. Switching to full-time songwriting, the duo worked with the Aberbachs at Hill and Range music. They enjoyed a close association with Phil Spector, penning songs for several of his protégés, including the Ronettes (‘Do I Love You’, ‘How Does It Feel’, ‘The Best Part Of Breakin’ Up’), Crystals (‘Mary Ann’) and Darlene Love (‘He’s A Quiet Guy’, ‘Stumble And Fall’). They also recorded on Spector’s short-lived Shirley label as the Treasures. Under the name the Tradewinds, they enjoyed a US Top 40 hit with ‘New York’s A Lonely Town’ (number 32, February 1965), followed by the less successful ‘Mind Excursion’ (number 51, September 1966). They formed another studio outfit, the Innocence, reaching number 34 in the US charts with ‘There’s Got To Be A Word!’ in December 1966. In 1967 the pair released ‘So It Goes’/‘Virgin To The Night’ under their own name, and later moved to Warner Brothers Records, for whom they recorded The Anders And Poncia Album in 1969. By the end of the 60s, they parted, and Poncia went on to produce Fanny, Ellen Foley and Melissa Manchester. The partnership was reactivated in the mid-70s on albums by Mary Travers, Kiss and Ringo Starr.

VA  -  Anders & Poncia / Masterworks 1961-1967

64 tracks (feat. unreleased & alternate) from the songwriters Pete Anders & Vince Poncia with color booklet

"Hard-core Golden Oldies collectors (seeking such music in reformatted CD format) will know that the Providence, Rhode Island song-writing/producing team of Peter Andreoli (stage name Anders) and Vinnie Poncia had, as performers themselves, 7 songs reach various levels of the national Billboard charts under three different guises.

Their first, as part of the Doo-Wop group The Videls (along with Bobby Cilitri, Norman Marzano and Herb Rickey) was Mister Lonely (NOT the Bobby Vinton song) which made it to # 73 Billboard Pop Hot 100 in June 1960 b/w I'll Forget You on JDS 5004. Five years later, as The Trade Winds, they would take New York's A Lonely Town to # 32 Hot 100 in Feb 1965 b/w Club Seventeen on Red Bird 020 and, in May that year, The Girl From Greenwich Village to # 129 Hot 100 Bubble Under b/w There's A Rock And Roll Show In Town on Red Bird 028. The following year, now with Kama Sutra Records but still billed as The Trade Winds, they had Mind Excursion finish at # 51 Hot 100 in September b/w Little Susan's Dreamin' on Kama Sutra 212, and in December 1966 saw Catch Me In The Meadow top out at # 132 Bubble Under b/w I Believe In Her on Kama Sutra 218.

Even as that last was circulating, they were recording at Kama Sutra as The Innocence and in Dec 1966-Jan 1967 took There's Got To Be A Word! to # 34 Hot 100 b/w I Don't Wanna Be Around You on Kama Sutra 214, and scored their last, again as The Innocence, in March 1967 when their cover of the 1944 Merry Macs hit Mairzy Doats peaked at # 75 Hot 100 b/w A Lifetime Lovin' You on Kama Sutra 222.

This 64-track 2-CD set from Bell Tone Productions/Masterworks, which has excellent AAD sound reproduction and comes with a detailed 16-page insert, covers all the foregoing charted sides EXCEPT Mister Lonely and I'll Forget You as The Videls, nor do they include their only other JDS release as The Videls - Now That Summer Is Here b/w She's Not Coming Home on JDS 5005 - which is strange considering the plethora of previously unreleased material and in vierw of the fact they do include other Videls material. The charted side and its B-side can be found, however, in the 1996 Taragon volume "The Very Best Of The Videls (Yesterday And Today)."

The full contents of this set are shown in the Comments below and while it's a great detailed compilation, it may be just a bit of overkill for the average collector." ~ George O'Leary

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