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Joey Dee And The Starlighters (Hey Let's Twist) 1961-63 (USA)

While Joey Dee is generally looked upon as the quaint bearer of the twist to a mass audience (clean covers of R&B tunes palatable to White audiences), the truth is that Dee had a racially integrated band (in 1961, no less) that not only delivered the goods, but put some high voltage energy into the tunes as well. Although this 18-track compilation brings together all the chart hits ("Peppermint Twist," "Shout," "Everytime," "What Kind Of Love Is This," "I Lost My Baby," "Dance, Dance, Dance") from Dee and the Starliters' brief run for the gold, it omits several barnburning covers from the second live album, and opts for the edited 'Part One' version of "Shout," as opposed to the six-minute-plus workout that's on the Doin' the Twist album. That said, it's still a wonderful introduction to the music of this seldom-lauded rock & roll pioneer.

01. Peppermint Twist - Part I (single A-side, 1961) (Joey Dee/Henry Bernard Glover) - 1:58
02. Peppermint Twist - Part II (single B-side, 1961) (Dee/Glover) - 1:52
03. Hey, Let's Twist (single A-side, 1962) (Glover/Dee/Morris Levy) - 1:59
04. Roly Poly (single B-side, 1962) (Glover/Dee/Levy) - 2:04
05. Joey's Blues (LP Hey, Let's Twist, 1962) (Glover/Levy/Dee) - 2:18
06. Shout - Part 1 (single A-side, 1962) (Isley Bros.) - 2:32
07. Irresistible You (LP All The World Is Twistin', 1962) (Don Raye/Gene DePaul) - 2:15
08. Crazy Love (LP All The World Is Twistin', 1962) (Eddie Carson/Milton Weinstein) - 1:56
09. Everytime (I Think About You) - Part I (single A-side, 1962) (Dee/Sam Taylor/Glover) - 3:52
10. What Kind Of Love Is This (single A-side, 1962) (Johnny Nash) - 2:07
11. I Lost My Baby (single A-side, 1962) (Johnny Nash) - 2:24
12. Keep Your Mind On What You're Doing  (single B-side, 1962) (Charles Singleton/Richard Blackwell/Morris Levy) - 1:57
13. Help Me Pick Up The Pieces (single B-side, 1963) (Bill Nash/Johnny Nash) - 2:21
14. Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy (single A-side, 1963) (Glover/Levy/Dee) - 2:19
15. (Hot Pastrami With) Mashed Potatoes (LP Doin' The Twist At The Peppermint Lounge, 1961) (Dessie Rozier) - 4:46
16. Dance, Dance, Dance (single A-side, 1963) (Windsor King) - 2:01
17. Ya Ya (LP Doin' The Twist At The Peppermint Lounge, 1961) (Morgan Robinson) - 3:47
18. Fanny Mae (LP Doin' The Twist At The Peppermint Lounge, 1961) (Buster Brown) - 3:51

- Joey Dee (born Joseph DiNicola) - lead vocals
- David Brigati - vocals 
- Larry Vernieri - vocals 
- Carlton Lattimore - organ
- Sam Taylor - guitar
- Willie Davis - drums


"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"



  1. Geraldo Euclides30 Sep 2019, 20:32:00

    Uma raridade nunca lançado aqui no Brasil; agradeço-vos por ter-lo no meu Pen Drive, Valeu!

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    1. Link is Ok Just Keep reloading the page Mediafire is kind of Fussy lol.

  3. Merci infiniment pour ce best of 👍👍
    Very Very Very Good 👍😎

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