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Rita Chao (Shake Shake Shake) EP 1966 (Flac, Mp3 and Scans)

(7" EP, Columbia EMI, ECHK 556, Singapore)
A1. 搖搖搖 (Shake, Shake, Shake)
A2. 愛人你變了 (I Know)
B1. 快樂誕辰 (Happy Happy Birthday)
B2. 想起他 (As Tears Go By)

Rita Chao

Real Name:


Rita Chao sang many wonderful and stylised Mandarin covers of popular English songs. Her first recording was an SP “Shake, Shake, Shake” with “Happy Happy Birthday” on the B-side. She was paired with the top guitar band from Singapore, The Quests. It was instant stardom. Rita Chao with The Quests made many great records together. When The Quests went to Hong Kong, Rita recorded with the “other” best band, The Surfers, and continued to be popular and very successful.

Rita Chao with The Quests: Shake, shake, shake, Happy, happy, birthday, Wolly bully, As tears go by, Let true love begin, The boy next door, Pretty flamingo, It’s gonna be alright, I know, Hanky panky, 16 candles, Frankie, I’m into something good, How to catch a girl, Love is me, love is you, Crying in a storm, I’m a tiger, Koo koo looney, Lonely one, To love somebody.

Rita Chao with The Surfers: Yummy, yummy, Donna, Master Jack, I’ve gotta find cupid.

RIP July 2014.


"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"

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