Friday, September 13, 2019

Rita Chao (With The Quests) 1967 LP (Flac /MP3 Format with Scans)

Rita Chao (凌雲, a.k.a. Ling Ying to her Mandarin-speaking fans) was a very popular recording star from Singapore in the 1960s and 1970s, released both Mandarin and English records in Singapore and Malaysia. She also gained fans in Japan. Her fans still remember Rita Chao very fondly in her hip 60's A-Go-Go boots and miniskirts and also her bell-bottoms.

Rita enjoyed the accompaniment of The Quests, EMI Singapore's top band in the 1960s, and together they recorded several hits for Rita. Her first recording was the single “Shake, shake, shake” with “Happy, happy, birthday” on the B-side.

When The Quests went to Hong Kong, Rita recorded with the “other” best band, The Surfers, and continued to be popular and very successful.

The Boy Next Door 隔壁的冤家
He's Untrue 薄情郎
Only Friends 別纏住我
Shake Shake Shake 搖搖搖
Hanky Panky
I Know 愛人你變了
Lonely Heart 去年今天
Bachelor Boy 媽媽的勸告
Sixteen Candles
Let True Love Begin 小姑娘
Gonna Be Alright 往日的舊夢
Wooly Bully 我不能沒有你


"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"

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