Friday, May 25, 2018

The Ravers - Going Underground (1969)

Rare German beat album from 1969. The Ravers were in fact the Tonics and their singer was Toni Tornado.

“Bad, Bad World” subtitled “Ravers Going Underground” was released on Tip in 1969. This obviously was a product of the Hamburg cheapo mafia, a bunch of Rattles, German Bonds and Wonderland musicians (Achim Reichel), who used to make some extra bread with exploitation classics like Hell Preachers Inc. or Bokaj Retsiem. “We’ve Got Too Much” is a typical Herbert Hildebrandt production (Ex-Rattle and somekind of a German Kim Fowley). No one could rip off a Kinks-riff like the Kinks, but The Ravers came close !

The Ravers (aka The Tonics) going Underground
Produce by Herbert Hildebrand (The Rattles)

01 - Bad Bad World
02 - What You Can Do For Your Country
03 - Relaction I
04 - Hey Joe
05 - Biafra
06 - Kind Of Music I
07 - Turn In
08 - Kind Of Music II
09 - Mr. President
10 - Times Have Changed
11 - Relaction II
12 - We've Got Too Much
13 - Behave Us Of The 3rd World War


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