Tuesday, May 01, 2018

VA - Six-Five Special & Jack Goods "Oh Boy!" (Early British Televised Rock "n" Roll)

Towards the end of the 1950s when television and Rock n Roll were in their infancy, the BBC launched what was to be it"s first attempt at a Rock n Roll programme. It was noisy, it was brash & it was classic. The high brow press hated it but the young people took it to their hearts. "Six-Five Special" was born! Almost a year later "Oh Boy!" was launched on ITV by the same producer who created Six-Five Special, Jack Good. Unlike it"s predecessor, it was an all out blast of streamlined Rock n Roll akin to a rocket launch. This fantastic CD has a whopping 39 tracks that cover both the Six-Five Special and Oh Boy! albums in their entirety! Featuring big names such as: Don Lang, Jim Dale and an artist who went on to be on of the UKs biggest Rock n Roll stars Cliff Richard. If you are after some real corkers then check out Jim Dales "Party Time" and Don Lang"s "Ramshackle Daddy" which rock by like an avalanche! Quite simply, if you were around for these shows, you will already know how good they were and if you missed them then now is your chance to grab hold of this sizzling hot Rock platter and tear up the rug in your front room!

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