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The Beatles – The Complete BBC Sessions [Purple Chick Upgrade 2004]

 On 7 March 1962 the Beatles entered a BBC studio for their first session. It was the beginning of a long relationship between the group and BBC radio and was of tremendous importance for their success. These sessions are among the most important documents of the Beatles' music for two main reasons. First of all, the BBC had regulations limiting the number of discs which could be played during the transmissions, so whenever possible the songs were performed live in their studios. The Beatles did not escape this rule, and each number to be broadcast, including their hits, was recorded live a few days or weeks before being aired. Some of these BBC versions can hardly be distinguished from the commercially released ones, but often slight differences (particularly in guitar solos) can be appreciated. In a few cases the songs were played in noticeably different arrangements, and there are even BBC sessions which unquestionably beat the takes recorded at Abbey Road studios: "Honey Don't", Pop Go The Beatles, September 3, 1963; "I Saw Her Standing There", Easy Beat, October 20, 1963; "Rock And Roll Music", Saturday Club, December 26, 1964; "Long Tall Sally", Top Gear, July 16, 1964, are but a few examples. But the real gems of these sessions are all the classics of the fifties and early sixties rock and pop music, performed on BBC and never commercially released by the group.

Why did the Beatles play these songs instead of only promoting their records? At the beginning, they had not yet released enough songs to fill all the programmes, nearly one a week. Later, these performances added exciting surprises to fans waiting to hear their favourite group playing live on the BBC. As a result, these programmes were very similar to their live stage performances. A BBC session also provided the opportunity to try out covers which could later be commercially released. Only on the last shows did the Beatles limit themselves to promoting the commercial releases: by late 1963 they had already conquered the world, and fans just wanted to hear the songs found on the records. What's sure is that the boys had great fun in the BBC studios, joking with the announcers or reading letters from fans; some of the chats in-between the songs are as pleasant as the musical performances. The influences which were important to each of the Beatles also can be recognized. John, for example, was a great fan of Chuck Berry. He sang eight Berry songs, always with great personality, and he had great pleasure in covering Arthur Alexander's tunes. Paul sang powerful covers of Little Richards' numbers which very closely match the original version. But he also was attracted to popular music hits, such as a "rock" version of "Besame Mucho" and the title song from the film "Honeymoon". George, beside performing a few classics, often played a different, more rockabilly rendition of the guitar solos than on the commercially released songs; his covers of Carl Perkins' records are unforgettable. Ringo, apart from his occasional numbers, always displays a very precise rhythm.
The Beatles performed ninety different songs on BBC radio, two of which were taped but not broadcast ("Sheila" and "Three Cool Cats"). Some of these were played many times (usually their hits which were to be promoted, such as "From Me To You", featured in 15 different programmes, but also unreleased songs, such as "Memphis, Tennessee" which had five appearances); many other songs were executed just once, for a total of 288 transmitted performances, including occasional renditions of traditional tunes ("Happy Birthday", etc.). In a few cases, a song was taped once and broadcast on two different programmes. Thirty-six songs have not been commercially released, and many other numbers, later included on their LPs, were presented on BBC radio months or even more than a year before their eventual release. Indeed, considering the few, often low-quality, live concerts available, the BBC sessions represent a true mirror of how the "live Beatles" were on stage. This explains the immense interest of these tracks.... More :

Publisher: Purple Chick

Reference :pc-71
Date :2004

The Beatles

Complete BBC Sessions - Upgraded For 2004
(or Upgraded Again, Upgraded II, Again with the Upgraded, Upgraded Squared, whatever you want to call it!)

All tracks cleaned up and speed checked.
bbc trailer = The Beatles Broadcast Collection Trailer (Yellow Dog)
beeb = The Beatles At The BEEB (BEEB Transcription Records)
broadcasts = Broadcasts (Circuit Records)
deflating = Deflating The Mythology (no label)
filler beebs = Attack Of The Filler Beebs (Silent Sea)
great dane = The Complete BBC Sessions (Great Dane)
masterfraction = Radio Sessions 1962-65 (Masterfraction)
pyramid = The Beatles At The BEEB (Pyramid)
unbooted = unique (originally, at least) to Purple Chick
yellow dog = At The Beeb (Yellow Dog)

1: "...takes the vocal lead" (unbooted upgrade)
2: Memphis (unbooted upgrade)
3: "doing very well for roy orbison" (unbooted upgrade)
4: Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) (unbooted upgrade)
5: "here now, they cry" (unbooted upgrade)
6: Please Mr. Postman (unbooted upgrade)

HERE WE GO (15 June 1962)
7: "written by our guests" (unbooted upgrade)
8: Ask Me Why (unbooted upgrade)
9: "surely be a spanish classic" (unbooted upgrade)
10: Besame Mucho (unbooted upgrade)
11: "rising very nicely" (unbooted upgrade)
12: A Picture Of You (unbooted upgrade)

HERE WE GO (26 October 1962)
13: A Taste Of Honey (artifacts and yellow dog)

HERE WE GO (25 January 1963)
14: Chains (yellow dog)
15: Please Please Me (yellow dog)
16: Ask Me Why (yellow dog)

SATURDAY CLUB (26 January 1963)
17: Some Other Guy (unbooted upgrade)
18: "it won't be long before they're all over the country" (bbc trailer)
19: Love Me Do (bbc trailer)
20: Please Please Me (unbooted fragments)
21: Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (unbooted upgrade)
22: Beautiful Dreamer (unbooted upgrade)

THE TALENT SPOT (29 January 1963)
23: Ask Me Why (yellow dog)

HERE WE GO (12 April 1963)
24: "one of the most dynamic groups" (yellow dog)
25: Misery (yellow dog)
26: "another of their own compositions" (yellow dog)
27: Do You Want To Know A Secret (yellow dog)
28: "that's what we like to see" (yellow dog)
29: Please Please Me (yellow dog)
30: "written, recorded and placed at #1" (yellow dog)

SATURDAY CLUB (16 March 1963)
31: I Saw Her Standing There (unbooted upgrade and yellow dog)
32: "you write songs as well, don't you?" (yellow dog)
33: Misery (yellow dog)
34: Too Much Monkey Business (yellow dog)
35: I'm Talking About You (deflating and unbooted upgrade)
36: "nobody can live on the same stage" (yellow dog)
37: Please Please Me (yellow dog)
38: The Hippy Hippy Shake (yellow dog)

EASY BEAT (7 April 1963)
39: brian and gerry marsden intro (yellow dog)
40: From Me To You (yellow dog)

SWINGING SOUND '63 (18 April 1963)
41: Twist And Shout (great dane and yellow dog)
42: From Me To You (yellow dog)

SIDE BY SIDE (13 May 1963)
43: Side By Side (yellow dog)
44: Long Tall Sally (yellow dog and great dane)
45: "it came in a vision on a flaming pie" (yellow dog)
46: A Taste Of Honey (yellow dog)
47: Chains (yellow dog)
48: "who had the original idea?" (yellow dog)
49: Thank You Girl (yellow dog)
50: "that's the track that's selling it!" (yellow dog)
51: Boys (yellow dog)

SATURDAY CLUB (25 May 1963)
1: "our bill toppers" (yellow dog)
2: I Saw Her Standing There (great dane)
3: " everything else combined" (great dane)
4: Do You Want To Know A Secret (great dane)
5: Boys (great dane)
6: "their fame it seems has now spread to egypt" (great dane and yellow dog)
7: Long Tall Sally (great dane)
8: "nearly all the requests were for their big one" (yellow dog)
9: From Me To You (great dane)
10: Money (That's What I Want) (great dane)

STEPPIN' OUT (3 June 1963)
11: Please Please Me (yellow dog)
12: I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #1 (4 June 1963)
13: Pop Go The Beatles (short) (yellow dog and bbc trailer)
14: "one they didn't pen themselves" (yellow dog)
15: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (yellow dog)
16: "just get your guitar and strum it" (yellow dog)
17: Do You Want To Know A Secret (yellow dog)
18: "we got the box, harry" (yellow dog)
19: You Really Got A Hold On Me (yellow dog)
20: "a very good imitation" (yellow dog)
21: "the plastic gets in the way" (yellow dog)
22: The Hippy Hippy Shake (yellow dog)
23: Misery (yellow dog)
24: Pop Goes The Beatles (longest version) (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #2 (11 June 1963)
25: Too Much Monkey Business (yellow dog)
26: "love these goon shows" (yellow dog)
27: I Got To Find My Baby (yellow dog)
28: "the beatles can take a rest (yellow dog)
29: "happy birthday to you ringo" (yellow dog)
30: Youngblood (yellow dog)
31: "now paul has a go..." (yellow dog)
32: 'Till There Was You (yellow dog)
33: "do you do mickey mouse?" (yellow dog)
34: Baby, It's You (masterfraction)
35: "the dark days of 1962" (yellow dog)
36: Love Me Do (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #3 (18 June 1963)
37: "all's right will the world" (yellow dog)
38: A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (yellow dog)
39: "better cut down on the jelly babies" (yellow dog)
40: Memphis (yellow dog)
41: "happy birthday to paul" (yellow dog)
42: A Taste Of Honey (yellow dog)
43: "fingering practice shows dividends" (yellow dog)
44: Sure To Fall (yellow dog)
45: outro (yellow dog)
46: "more for the joy of living" (yellow dog)
47: Money (That's What I Want) (yellow dog)
48: "an eye on the pounds" (yellow dog)
49: "but we promised" (yellow dog)
50: From Me To You (yellow dog and great dane)
51: "so see you then" (great dane and yellow dog)

EASY BEAT (23 June 1963)
52: Some Other Guy (pyramid)
53: "twenty one last week" (pyramid)
54: A Taste Of Honey (pyramid, beeb and yellow dog)
55: Thank You Girl (pyramid and yellow dog)
56: "we don't normally play requests..." (pyramid)
57: From Me To You (pyramid and yellow dog)

SIDE BY SIDE (24 June 1963)
1: Side By Side (silent sea and bbc trailer)
2: "up to some no good monkey business" (yellow dog)
3: Too Much Monkey Business (yellow dog)
4: "an old chuck berry number" (yellow dog)
5: "his one and only song" (yellow dog)
6: Boys (yellow dog)
7: "one voice noticably absent" (yellow dog)
8: I'll Be On My Way (yellow dog)
9: "george playing of course" (yellow dog)
10: From Me To You (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #4 (25 June 1963)
11: intro (yellow dog)
12: I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog)
13: "you feel like a man now?" (yellow dog)
14: "john lets his guitar take second place" (yellow dog)
15: Anna (Go To Him) (yellow dog)
16: "i'm very glad you sang that" (yellow dog)
17: "oh, very fit" (yellow dog)
18: Boys (yellow dog)
19: "he can sing can ringo" (yellow dog)
20: Chains (yellow dog)
21: "thank you georgeous george" (yellow dog)
22: "who sings this next song?" (yellow dog)
23: P.S. I Love You (masterfraction and great dane)
24: "no relation to john, brackets" (yellow dog)
25: Twist And Shout (masterfraction)
26: "we'll all be at it again soon" (yellow dog)

SATURDAY CLUB (29 June 1963)
27: I Got To Find My Baby (yellow dog)
28: "it's also for harry, and his box" (yellow dog)
29: Memphis (yellow dog)
30: Money (That's What I Want) (yellow dog)
31: 'Till There Was You (great dane and yellow dog)
32: "a couple of quick ones" (yellow dog)
33: From Me To You (yellow dog)
34: Roll Over Beethoven (yellow dog)

THE BEAT SHOW (4 July 1963)
35: A Taste Of Honey (great dane)
36: Twist And Shout (great dane and unbooted)

POP GO THE BEATLES #5 (16 July 1963)
37: That's All Right (Mama) (great dane)
38: "that's all right with me, great!" (great dane)
39: There's A Place (great dane)
40: "from the beatles' new e.p." (great dane and yellow dog)
41: "i couldn't find one for a carol" (beeb and great dane)
42: Carol (great dane)
43: "i haven't got a passport" (great dane)
44: Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms) (great dane)
45: "that was john lennon who got fell in" (yellow dog)
46: "with these haircuts?" (yellow dog)
47: Lend Me Your Comb (great dane)
48: "a little rhyme" (great dane)
49: Clarabella (great dane)

EASY BEAT (21 July 1963)
50: I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog)
51: A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (yellow dog)
52: There's A Place (yellow dog)
53: Twist And Shout (yellow dog)

Side By Side (edit) (unbooted - from bbc trailer original)

POP GO THE BEATLES #6 (23 July 1963)
1: "that's your fault" (yellow dog)
2: Sweet Little Sixteen (yellow dog)
3: A Taste Of Honey (yellow dog)
4: "wanna bet?" (yellow dog)
5: Nothing Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees) (yellow dog)
6: "that momentous year" (yellow dog)
7: Love Me Do (yellow dog)
8: "1822" (yellow dog)
9: Lonesome Tears In My Eyes (yellow dog)
10: "and the same to you" (yellow dog)
11: So How Come (No One Loves Me) (yellow dog)
12: "next week the prize will stand at the beatles" (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #7 (30 July 1963)
13: "not to mention harry and his box" (yellow dog)
14: Memphis (masterfraction and yellow dog)
15: "do you like the flowerpot men?" (yellow dog)
16: Do You Want To Know A Secret (yellow dog)
17: "dear wack" (yellow dog)
18: 'Til There Was You (broadcasts and yellow dog)
19: "set fire to that lot" (masterfraction)
20: Matchbox (masterfraction and yellow dog)
21: "something you can't get on the national health" (yellow dog)
22: Please Mr. Postman (yellow dog)
23: "back to those old, seasoned campaigners" (yellow dog)
24: The Hippy Hippy Shake (masterfraction and yellow dog)
25: "cheerio 'till next monday" (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #8 (6 August 1963)
26: "let's pop" (yellow dog)
27: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) (masterfraction and yellow dog)
28: "please make george sing" (yellow dog)
29: Crying, Waiting, Hoping (masterfraction and yellow dog)
30: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (masterfraction and yellow dog)
31: "a very romantic title" (yellow dog)
32: To Know Her Is To Love Her (masterfraction and yellow dog)
33: "do you remember the teddy bears' version?" (yellow dog)
34: "i've got a terrible nose" (yellow dog)
35: The Honeymoon Song (yellow dog and masterfraction)
36: intro (yellow dog)
37: Twist And Shout (yellow dog)
38: "that's it again" (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #9 (13 August 1963)
39: "straight away here's paul" (yellow dog)
40: Long Tall Sally (yellow dog)
41: "pally sally" (yellow dog)
42: Please Please Me (yellow dog)
43: "what kind of fool am i?" (yellow dog)
44: She Loves You (yellow dog)
45: "21 herberts from raynes park" (yellow dog)
46: You Really Got A Hold On Me (yellow dog)
47: "didn't hurt a bit, did it?" (yellow dog)
48: "add this one to your collection" (yellow dog)
49: I'll Get You (yellow dog)
50: I Got A Woman (masterfraction and yellow dog)
51: "a crafty long quickie" (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #10 (20 August 1963)
1: She Loves You (yellow dog)
2: "you'd never hear the songs" (yellow dog)
3: Words Of Love (yellow dog)
4: "beautifuly sung" (yellow dog)
5: "they can all take five now" (yellow dog)
6: Glad All Over (masterfraction)
7: "the three beatlettes" (yellow dog)
8: I Just Don't Understand (masterfraction)
9: "well, you ought to" (yellow dog)
10: "this is ear catching" (yellow dog)
11: Devil In Her Heart (masterfraction)
12: "thanks george" (yellow dog)
13: "postcards to the beatles" (yellow dog)
14: Slow Down (masterfraction)
15: "and dead stop, I'm afraid" (yellow dog and beeb)

SATURDAY CLUB (24 August 1963)
16: Long Tall Sally (purple chick)
17: She Loves You (yellow dog)
18: Glad All Over (yellow dog and unicorn)
19: "what box?" (yellow dog)
20: Twist And Shout (yellow dog)
21: "dear wack" (yellow dog and masterfraction)
22: You Really Got A Hold On Me (masterfraction)
23: I'll Get You (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #11 (27 August 1963)
24: Ooh! My Soul (masterfraction)
25: "ooh! my arms" (masterfraction)
26: Don't Ever Change (masterfraction and yellow dog)
27: "a modest request" (yellow dog)
28: Twist And Shout (yellow dog)
29: "beatle fans the world over have been waiting for" (yellow dog)
30: She Loves You (fragment) (yellow dog)
31: "we hate you" (yellow dog)
32: Anna (Go To Him) (yellow dog)
33: A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (masterfraction)

POP GO THE BEATLES #12 (3 September 1963)
34: "alright, let's pop!" (yellow dog)
35: From Me To You (yellow dog)
36: I'll Get You (unbooted)
37: "dear john letter" (yellow dog)
38: Money (That's What I Want) (yellow dog)
39: "well sir, here you are" (yellow dog and unbooted upgrade)
40: There's A Place (unbooted upgrade)
41: outro (yellow dog)
42: Honey Don't (masterfraction and great dane)
43: "that was the beatles that was" (beeb and yellow dog)
44: "all right fellas, roll over!" (yellow dog)
45: Roll Over Beethoven (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #13 (10 September 1963)
46: "cut the monkey business" (yellow dog)
47: Too Much Monkey Business (masterfraction and yellow dog)
48: "request for 'till there was you" (yellow dog)
49: Love Me Do (yellow dog)
50: "he looks a right laff!" (yellow dog)
51: She Loves You (yellow dog)
52: "and why not?" (yellow dog)
53: I'll Get You (great dane)
54: "sounds like my doctor" (yellow dog)
55: A Taste Of Honey (yellow dog)
56: "can't remember him" (yellow dog)
57: The Hippy Hippy Shake (yellow dog)
58: "for this week, that's it" (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #14 (17 September 1963)
1: "here are the beatles in..." (yellow dog)
2: Chains (yellow dog)
3: "to all our chainspotter friends" (yellow dog)
4: You Really Got A Hold On Me (yellow dog)
5: outro (yellow dog)
6: Misery (yellow dog)
7: "dear hot and fruity george" (yellow dog)
8: Lucille (bbc trailer)
9: "love and kisses" (yellow dog)
10: From Me To You (yellow dog)
11: "brackets" (yellow dog)
12: Boys (yellow dog)
13: outro (yellow dog)

POP GO THE BEATLES #15 (24 September 1963)
14: "for the last time" (yellow dog)
15: She Loves You (yellow dog)
16: "the boys feel a little sad" (yellow dog)
17: Ask Me Why (yellow dog)
18: "exciting and smashing" (yellow dog)
19: Devil In Her Heart (yellow dog)
20: "they never read out the requests" (yellow dog)
21: I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog and great dane)
22: "good old audrey" (yellow dog)
23: Sure To Fall (yellow dog)
24: "for john paul george and ringo" (yellow dog)
25: Twist And Shout (yellow dog)
26: "that really is it" (yellow dog)

27: saturday club theme and intro (yellow dog)
28: I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog)
29: Memphis (yellow dog)
30: Happy Birthday Saturday Club (yellow dog)
31: "it could be that they've been listening to saturday club" (yellow dog)
32: I'll Get You (great dane)
33: "if you asked for it" (great dane)
34: She Loves You (great dane)
35: Lucille (great dane)
36: "well, there it is" (great dane)

EASY BEAT (20 October 1963)
37: "britain's biggest attraction" (yellow dog)
38: I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog and bbc trailer)
39: "it's almost a year..." (yellow dog)
40: Love Me Do (yellow dog)
41: Please Please Me (yellow dog)
42: "we just called paul over" (yellow dog)
43: From Me To You (yellow dog)
44: She Loves You (yellow dog)

THE KEN DODD SHOW (3 November 1963)
45: She Loves You (unbooted upgrade)

SATURDAY CLUB (21 December 1963)
1: "all i want for christmas is a bottle" (yellow dog)
2: all my loving (c.v. edit)
3: "what will they do without amplifiers" (yellow dog)
4: This Boy (yellow dog)
5: "i like it" (yellow dog and great dane)
6: I Want To Hold Your Hand (yellow dog)
7: 'Till There Was You (yellow dog, great dane and beeb)
8: "i think..." (beeb)
9: Roll Over Beethoven (yellow dog)
10: "that's not a carol - 's a standard" (yellow dog)
11: She Loves You (yellow dog)
12: Shazam (yellow dog)
13: "that mudley, er medley" (yellow dog)

FROM US TO YOU #1 (26 December 1963)
14: From Us To You (great dane and yellow dog)
15: "the beatles are here" (yellow dog)
16: She Loves You (yellow dog)
17: "you know you should be glad" (yellow dog)
18: "featuring paul" (yellow dog)
19: All My Loving (yellow dog)
20: Roll Over Beethoven (yellow dog)
21: "peggy legg" (yellow dog)
22: 'Till There Was You (yellow dog)
23: "bass playing beatle" (yellow dog)
24: "blue skies by jeanie lamb" (unbooted)
25: "big chance coming up now" (yellow dog)
26: Boys (yellow dog)
27: Money (That's What I Want) (yellow dog)
28: "the very mercenary john lennon" (yellow dog)
29: intro (yellow dog)
30: I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog)
31: outro (yellow dog)
32: Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport (yellow dog)
33: "a house with love in" (yellow dog)
34: I Want To Hold Your Hand (yellow dog)
35: "from the beatles themselves" (yellow dog)
36: From Us To You (yellow dog)

SATURDAY CLUB (15 February 1964)
37: "lots of love to you too" (yellow dog)
38: All My Loving (yellow dog)
39: Money (That's What I Want) (yellow dog)
40: "that's what they've got aplenty" (yellow dog)
41: "one that most people know by now" (yellow dog)
42: The Hippy Hippy Shake (yellow dog)
43: "amazing that you can hear us" (yellow dog)
44: I Want To Hold Your Hand (yellow dog)
45: Roll Over Beethoven (yellow dog)
46: "he's my favourite" (yellow dog)
47: Johnny B Goode (yellow dog)
48: "still one more to go" (yellow dog)
49: "i hope it's a real swinger" (yellow dog)
50: I Wanna Be Your Man (yellow dog and great dane)
51: "and it was old ringo" (beeb)

FROM US TO YOU #2 (30 March 1964)
1: From Us To You (masterfraction and yellow dog)
2: "to open proceedings this morning" (yellow dog)
3: You Can't Do That (yellow dog)
4: "just a rumour" (yellow dog)
5: Roll Over Beethoven (yellow dog)
6: "i don't think you need the telling" (yellow dog)
7: "what about my book then?" (yellow dog)
8: 'Till There Was You (yellow dog)
9: "another oldie" (yellow dog)
10: "ringo... yup" (yellow dog)
11: I Wanna Be Your Man (yellow dog)
12: "i think ringo meant every word of that" (yellow dog)
13: "...but we know you won't" (yellow dog)
14: Please Mr. Postman (yellow dog)
15: "the fellas keep him busy pretty regularly" (yellow dog)
16: All My Loving (masterfraction and yellow dog)
17: "i think that loving's readily accepted" (yellow dog)
18: "it's about rubbish - with drawings" (yellow dog)
19: This Boy (yellow dog)
20: "how much singing do you do in this film?" (yellow dog)
21: Can't Buy Me Love (masterfraction)
22: "we can't purchase any more time" (yellow dog)
23: From Us To You (yellow dog)

SATURDAY CLUB (4 April 1964)
24: "stay tuned" (yellow dog)
25: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (yellow dog)
26: "i think he sings quite nicely" (yellow dog)
27: I Call Your Name (yellow dog)
28: "lots more from the beatle boys" (yellow dog and beeb)
29: I Got A Woman (yellow dog)
30: "was that request really from your mother" (yellow dog and filler beebs and beeb)
31: You Can't Do That (yellow dog)
32: "it's ringo's turn" (yellow dog)
33: Can't Buy Me Love (yellow dog)
34: "just about everybody has read about the film" (yellow dog)
35: Sure To Fall (yellow dog)
36: Long Tall Sally (broadcasts and yellow dog and great dane)
37: "how about that?" (great dane)

FROM US TO YOU #3 (18 May 1964)
38: From Us To You (yellow dog)
39: Whit Monday To You (yellow dog)
40: I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog)
41: "marvellous" (yellow dog)
42: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (yellow dog)
43: "it could if you weren't so thick" (yellow dog)
44: I Forgot To Remember To Forget (yellow dog)
45: outro (yellow dog)
46: "i hope you're plugged in mary" (yellow dog)
47: You Can't Do That (yellow dog)
48: "they did it all right" (yellow dog)
49: Sure To Fall (yellow dog)
50: "funny place glos." (yellow dog)
51: Can't Buy Me Love (yellow dog)
52: "i'll think i'll have to hit your ringo" (yellow dog)
53: Matchbox (yellow dog)
54: intro (yellow dog)
55: Honey Don't (yellow dog)
56: outro (yellow dog)
57: From Us To You (yellow dog)

From Us To You (edit) (masterfraction)

TOP GEAR (16 July 1964)
1: trailer 1 (bbc trailer and yellow dog)
2: trailer 2 (bbc trailer)
3: Long Tall Sally (yellow dog)
4: "paul doing his highly hirsute headpiece" (yellow dog)
5: Things We Said Today (masterfraction and yellow dog)
6: "lots more from the unruly four..." (yellow dog and filler beebs)
7: "gather 'round famous film stars" (masterfraction)
8: A Hard Day's Night (masterfraction)
9: "hold it!" (masterfraction and beeb and yellow dog)
10: don't pass me by (yellow dog and great dane)
11: And I Love Her (yellow dog)
12: "you should have known better" (yellow dog)
13: "one more from the boys" (yellow dog)
14: If I Fell (yellow dog)
15: You Can't Do That (yellow dog)
16: "and that's it" (yellow dog)
17: top gear theme (yellow dog and great dane)

FROM US TO YOU #4 (3 August 1964)
18: From Us To You (yellow dog)
19: "what should I tell her about?" (yellow dog)
20: Long Tall Sally (yellow dog)
21: "off the musical launching pad we went" (yellow dog)
22: If I Fell (yellow dog)
23: "mmmm great" (yellow dog)
24: I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (yellow dog)
25: "one of those hard day's night offerings" (yellow dog)
26: "they might sound like the record someday" (yellow dog)
27: Things We Said Today (yellow dog)
28: "it's john's turn - right now" (yellow dog)
29: I Should Have Known Better (yellow dog)
30: "our four morning stars" (yellow dog)
31: "bowled over boys" (yellow dog)
32: Boys (yellow dog)
33: "in answer to the cards" (yellow dog)
34: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (yellow dog)
35: "no passports required" (yellow dog)
36: It's For You - Cilla Black (yellow dog)
37: "ron aged two hundred and eight" (yellow dog)
38: A Hard Days Night (yellow dog)
39: "what a great note to end on" (yellow dog)
40: From Us To You (yellow dog)

FROM US TO YOU #4 RECORDING SESSION (recorded 17 July 1964)
41: Long Tall Sally (yellow dog)
42: If I Fell (yellow dog)
43: Boys (yellow dog)
44: I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (instrumental) (yellow dog)
45: I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (vocal) (yellow dog)
46: I Should Have Known Better (false start) (yellow dog)
47: I Should Have Known Better (single tracked) (yellow dog)
48: I Should Have Known Better (with harmonica) (yellow dog)
49: Things We Said Today (yellow dog)
50: A Hard Day's Night (yellow dog)
51: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (yellow dog)
52: From Us To You (wrong lyrics) (yellow dog)
53: From Us To You (no overdubs) (yellow dog)

alternate "9: "hold it!"" -1 (masterfraction and filler beebs)
alternate "9: "hold it!"" -2 (masterfraction)

TOP GEAR (26 November 1964)
1: intro (yellow dog)
2: I'm A Loser (yellow dog)
3: "let's have a few, hard facts' (great dane, filler beebs and yellow dog)
4: Honey Don't (bbc trailer and yellow dog)
5: "a rare ringo vocal" (yellow dog)
6: She's A Woman (yellow dog)
7: "even though it is conceited" (yellow dog)
8: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (yellow dog)
9: "brother george beatle" (yellow dog)
10: I'll Follow The Sun (yellow dog)
11: "records, that's what were here for" (yellow dog)
12: I Feel Fine (yellow dog)
13: "i hope you feel fine too" (yellow dog)

SATURDAY CLUB (26 December 1964)
14: "they're here" (pyramid and yellow dog)
15: Rock And Roll Music (yellow dog)
16: "like britain only with buttons" (yellow dog)
17: I'm A Loser (yellow dog)
18: outro (yellow dog)
19: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (yellow dog)
20: "a sort of joint effort" (yellow dog)
21: I Feel Fine (yellow dog)
22: "we like the old numbers" (yellow dog)
23: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (yellow dog)
24: "so to the last number" (yellow dog)
25: She's A Woman (yellow dog)
26: "my favouite side too" (yellow dog)

27: Ticket To Ride Intro (bbc trailer and yellow dog)
28: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (yellow dog)
29: I'm A Loser (yellow dog)
30: "double entendre" (yellow dog)
31: The Night Before (yellow dog)
32: outro (yellow dog)
33: Honey Don't (yellow dog)
34: "the producer asked for it" (yellow dog)
35: Dizzy Miss Lizzy (masterfraction and yellow dog)
36: outro (great dane and yellow dog)
37: intro (yellow dog)
38: She's A Woman (yellow dog)
39: "who leave you as they found you" (yellow dog)
40: Ticket To Ride (yellow dog and masterfraction)

41: "the one what who never speaks?" (bbc trailer)
42: "paul's thinking, i'm doing" (bbc trailer)
43: ticket to ride edit (bbc trailer)
44: "painting buckingham palace" (bbc trailer)
45: session talk/ I Feel Fine (false start) (bbc trailer)
46: I Feel Fine (single track vocal) (filler beebs)
47: session talk (bbc trailer)
(note, the 'session' She's A Woman and I Feel Fine (double tracked)
are on this disc twice already - they weren't about to be
repeated a third time!!)

"so hold tight" (great dane)
Honey Don't (edit) (bbc trailer)
Ticket To Ride (unfettered) (masterfraction)
All Together On The Wireless Machine (Paul, November 1967) (bbc trailer and filler beebs)
Cottonfields (John, 6-6-1968) (bbc trailer)


  1. #5 and #7 won't download - "forbidden". I think there's a copyright issue.

  2. It's problem with Mediafire... Make several attempts and you will be convinced of this

  3. Thanks for these downloads and listing.


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