Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Sound Riders - Liverpool Beat (Live Kaskade Beat Club Cologne)

Top rare "Same" album from THE SOUND RIDERS, recorded live from KasKade Beat-Club, Colgne(Köln), edited in the year 1964 in GERMANY by the label ARIOLA/ No.72 657 IT -stereo- incl. Beatles Coversongs.

" The Sound Riders, a British group captured live on stage in the famous Kaskade Beat-Club in Cologne, and pressed in plastic by Ariola, who did the same with the German-only live LP by The Swinging Blue Jeans, and with The Boomerangs on the budget label Baccarola. By the way: "Matchbox" usually is credited to Carl Perkins, but indeed it was first recorded by Blind Lemon Jefferson in the late 20s. +++ The Roadrunners in question are not Mike Hart's Liverpool band, who did most of their recordings in Germany for Ariola and Star Club. Maybe the good people at Paletten Schallplatten thought that they could cash in in 66 with this established name of a band that no longer existed. Recorded in England, released in Germany, but we'll never know who really plays on this amazing - superior in my book - version of The Merseys' greatest hit.

 Like The Swinging Blue Jeans and Mike Rat & The Runaways,
The Sound Riders had one of those damn hard to find LPs in the Liverpool Beat-series entitled "Live from the Kaskade Beat Club Cologne". Where they actually came from no-one seems to know, but these recordings from'64 show a very accomplished outfit without the usual language troubles that were so typical for most domestic bands. Their track lists offered a rather schizoid mixture of styles from Down Home R&B via Merseybeat to Chubby Checker's Hucklebuck, all executed in flashing brilliance. While many of these early live-LPs are hardly more than funny, this one is pure fun start to finish. The Riders' lack of own songs..." ~  (


  1. Interesting album :) Is there any link yo this?

    1. Yes.. Click on 4 stars at bottom of post..

  2. Thanx :) Little sad tho that it is not FLAC :(


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