Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Lollipops ‎– Do You Know (1965)

Danish 60's pop trio with major succes as teenagers in the 60's and moderate succes as more adult oriented pop act in their 2nd run in the 70's. 

Founded 1960 by brothers Torben and Jørgen Lundgreen with cousin Poul Petersen in 1960, when they were 10, 9 and 12 years old respectively. After winning a teen-talent competition i Denmark they experienced succes in gigs at the Swedish folk park concerts in the mid 60's. In Denmark the trio saw teen hysteria normally reserved for the major foreign acts of the era, like The Beatles. 

Drummer Poul Petersen left the band in 1966 and was replaced by Henrik Lund. With two guitars and drums only in the band, Lollipops were joined on stage by various bassists, a.o. Stig Kreutzfeldt. After years of extreme succes by Danish standards in 1971 the band had lost it's appeal and the band decided to end the first era. The bands major hit in that era was the 1967 Sussy Moore. The song was very alike to and even adapted it's title from the lyrics of Tim Hardin's "Lady Came From Baltimore". Hardins rights holders suppened for copyright violation, and reportedly the case was discretely settled. 

The band was revived in 1973 and in the following years sought and found adult MOR succes. Lund left in 1977 and the band essentially was a Lundgreen brothers duo accompanied by various on bass and drums. This second run lasted until the mid 80's and included a few failed attempts at winning the Danish section of the European Song Contest. 

The band had a short and final 3rd run as a sextet, releasing their final album in 1989. The final line up, sometimes referred to as "The New Lollipops", included the Lundgren brothers and Kim Gutman (guitar), Søren Berlev (drums), Chris Paulsen (bass) and Birdie Hurns (guitar). 

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