Thursday, April 12, 2018

John Bromley - Sing (1969)

John Bromley, Jnr. was born June 22nd, 1947 in Manchester, England.
His first foray into the music business was as part of a folk/pop trio called Three People who issued three 45's for Decca.
A short while after they split up he was a songwriter who  signed as a solo artist for Polydor with many of his songs featuring The Fleur De Lys as his backing band.Polydor encouraged to put his songs on vinyt
After a handful of singles and a (now collectable) album failed to dent the charts Bromley retreated to a more backroom role as a songwriter for hire.
The album was a collection of 45s with extra tracks added. The Fleur de Lys were called in to provide the backing on some, including So Many Things, which can also be heard on Rubble Vol. 16: Glass Orchid Aftermath (LP) and Rubble Vol. 9 (CD). Despite this added dimension the album didn't sell well. He'd been with The Three People in 1966/67. He wrote songs for Shirley Bassey, Paul Anka, Jackie De Shannon ("Come On Down"), John Farnham, The Ace Kefford Stand ("This World's an Apple").

He was also involved in a piece of studio tomfoolery whilst working as a tape-op with producer Martin Rushent. The pair drunkenly cut two tracks during a break in recording a Yes album which were issued as ficticious bands Chaos and Tank.

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