Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Beatles - Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Complete Live Collection )

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The Beatles' rise to prominence in the United States in February 1964 was a significant development in the history of the band's commercial success. In addition to establishing the Beatles' international stature, it changed attitudes to popular music in the United States, whose own Memphis-driven musical evolution had made it a global trend-setter.

More video  Beatles American Tour 

The Beatles' first visit to the United States came at a time of great popularity in Britain. The band's UK commercial breakthrough, in late 1962, had been followed by a year of successful concerts and tours. The start of the Beatles' popularity in the United States, in early 1964, was marked by intense demand for the single "I Want to Hold Your Hand"—which sold one-and-a-half million copies in under three weeks—and the band's arrival the following month. The visit, advertised across the United States on five million posters,[1] was a defining moment in the Beatles' history, and the starting-point of the British Invasion.

The Beatles staged their third concert tour of America in August 1966, and it was the last commercial tour they undertook. Lasting a total of 19 performances, with 17 shows in American venues and two in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, it was plagued with backlash regarding the controversy of John Lennon's remark about the band being "more popular than Jesus", death threats, and the band's own dissatisfaction with the noise levels and their ability to perform live. Although it was a commercial success, ticket sales had noticeably declined. After the tour, they would become a studio band and focused exclusively on record production.|_British_Path%C3%A9&videohost=youtube&id=I6Diyy4SYFE



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