Sunday, April 22, 2018

VA - Sixties Girls (2014)

If you have a good or almost good 60's music collection, this album will help round off your collection & fill the gaps. Really good to hear the actress Diana Dors - a very under rated singing voice & BB - even if the words are in French. Yes, all in all a good, slightly different, sixties album, well worth the money. We get 60 good quality tracks from the years 1959 to 1962 spread across the 3cd's. The tracks that have been chosen are very good, they range from early U.S soul tracks, chirpy teen pop to Classy Brit and French offerings. There are some class acts on offer - Etta James, Barbara Lyn, Julie Grant to name a few. It's nice to hear a few very early outings of Nancy Sinatra (a couple of them aren't bad) and it's always great to hear anything by Francoise Hardy and BB. Overall, It's a neat looking package with quite good sound quality. There is no booklet, just a one sided into with a few small pics spread over the inside.

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  1. I've found some really wonderful music on your blog. Thank you very much.

    Monsieur Maurice


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