Saturday, April 21, 2018

VA - Baltimore's Teen Beat A Go Go

It's the mid 1960s and Baltimore is alive with a teen band on every corner. Enter local label Dome Records who sponsor a battle of the bands with a grand prize of a recording session leading a track on this compilation. With Joey Welz producing the groups--mostly direct to two track--the tracks have a Friday night in the gymnasium amateurish charm that's hard to resist. This lack of polish is, of course, what makes these sides so interesting and so indelibly of their time. Groups like the Night Walkers, the Fabulous Monarchs, the Amoebas, the Rysing Suns, the Road Runners, the Beggars, and the Executioners may be only small, small footnotes to the history of rock'n'roll, but if it's true blue American garage band DIY rock'n'roll you're looking for, this is one collection that's a must have.

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