Monday, June 25, 2018

The Sanctions & Jim And The Lords - Then Came The Electric Prunes

16-track compilation by the two pre - Electric Prunes bands: The Sanctions / Jim And The Lords ~! Ken Williams , Mark Tulin, Thaddeus James Lowe
The band originated from a surf rock-influenced garage rock group, the Sanctions, in 1965. The Sanctions, which included James Lowe (vocals, guitar), Mark Tulin (bass guitar), Ken Williams (lead guitar), and Michael "Quint" Weakley (drums), recorded 12 cover songs on an acetate disc on March 27, 1965, in a home studio owned by Russ Bottomley. For their next set of recordings on September 29, 1965, the group, then known as Jim and the Lords, was joined by keyboardist Dick Hargrave, who left shortly afterwards to pursue a career in graphic arts. The songs went unreleased until Heartbeat Productions distributed the 2000 album...

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