Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Typhoons & The Jaybirds 2 ON 1 CD (1964)

Two Great UK Beat LP on 1 CD

Typhoons & The Jaybirds - Let's Go Surfin' - Presenting The Fabulos

"... all of the Embassyrecording was done by Oriole Records, with mostlyin-house musicians and groups. The Embassy groups ofthe sixties, "The Typhoons and The Jaybirds" reallyhad the merseybeat down to a "T". A member of the Jaybirds was "Alvin Lee" who later renamed the band"Ten Years After". Embassy quit the "Sound-a-like"business in the late sixties. Oriole was bought byColumbia about the same time. I think some of theEmbassy/Oriole stuff showed up on some of the"Columbia Record Club" special LP's of "Top Hits" thatcame out in the sixties. I have an Argentine Columbiarecord that has the Typhoons, the Jaybirds, and otherEmbassy artists on it... "

"... the Typhoons, I’ve been led to believe were a group from Hull and the Jaybirds, it has been claimed, featured Ten Years After guitarist Alvin Lee . However, I have also been advised that Ray Pilgrim may have been involved in at least one of those groups if not both... "


  1. Thank you D & J for this great beat album

    Greetings Albert

  2. Hi D&J, do you have "London Really Swings" a Columbia Special Products 2 record set? Columbia made it after they acquirred Oriole, and it was distributed here in the US with the purchase of some type of record player. It has 30 tracks of Embassy sides of mostly merseybeat, (Typhoons, Mike Redway, Bobby Stevens, etc.) I can post a copy if you want.

    By the way: Love your site!


      Yes .... It would be not bad to find it ....

    2. OK here ya go:

      You may use it however you wish!

    3. You're man! I Hi,Rockinbee and have a nice day.My day you have already made a good...
      Very pleased your involvement and attention to our blog.
      Thank you,friend.Cheers...Dmitrich

  3. Hi again D&J! Here is another Embassy/Columbia album set you might like. The Embassy "Liverpool Beat" was the first Embassy LP I got (Ebay), then later I found the Argentine Columbia "Liverpool Beat, Vol 2". I hope you can use them!

  4. please give a new link for the sampler england swings ; it doesn t work no more

  5. Link is dead; please give another.Thanks.CD is great!!!


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